Ex-Aussie Fast Bowler Bret Lee Helps Indians through Crypto Donation for Oxygen Purchase

Former Australian Cricket Team’s fast bowler, Bret Lee, took inspiration from co-cricket star Pat Cummins and donates the whole Bitcoin to India for purchasing medical supplies particularly Oxygen supplies.

The covid-19 situation is getting worse than expected in India. On a daily average basis, there are more than 10 thousand Covid-19 infected victims reported in India. There is an acute shortage of hospital beds and a lack of availability of Oxygen in India.

While the Indian authorities imposed lockdowns very successfully during the first wave. However, at present, the country is finding it hard to sustain the impacts of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the death rate of Covid patients is rapidly growing in the country. Almost every government-owned and the privately-owned hospital has run out of bed space. Covid patients are lying outside the hospital parking as well and the doctors are helpless because they don’t have resources available with them.

The country is in dire need of medical supplies especially Oxygen.

In order to help the country fight against Covid, many persons from the world are donating generously.

Indian nation lives and dies for Cricket as the whole majority in the country is in love with the game. It also hosts the biggest commercial cricket tournament every year called IPL in which star cricketers from the world take part. One of the famous foreign cricket stars, Pat Cummins, a player from the Australian Cricket Team has recently donated US$ 50,000 to the country. Cummins was the first foreign sports figure to donate money to India for the purchase of Oxygen and medical supplies.

But Cummins generous act of donating money to India did not go unnoticed as many are also donating generously. For instance, the former fast bowler of the world, who too was an Aussie national team star, Bret Lee, too has donated funds to India. However, Lee’s fund contribution was also unique as the famous cricket star donated a whole Bitcoin to the nation.

On his official Twitter account, Lee told that he has donated 1 BTC to India for purchasing Oxygen supplies. He told that it is time that everyone should donate generously according to their pockets. He further added that he has been continuously updating himself on Covid’s situation in India. He expressed his sorrow that Indians have to suffer the loss of health and lives because of the pandemic.

Lee further stated that he never thought of himself to be different from any Indian. Instead, he suggested that India is like a second home for the cricket player, and looking at the current situation in India his heart saddens.

Lee had a successful career both as a bowler and a part-time batsman. He represented his national team in 271 one-day international matches and played 76 test matches. He was once the world’s fastest bowler because he had immense pace and the top batsman of the world feared to face him on the ground.

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