Experts Believe Bitcoin can Cause Disruption to Exchanges and Online Brokers

Once money started to gain more dynamicity as well as fluidity in stock trading, a large number of people started aligning their financial mindsets towards the patterns and trends of constant changes. Most of you will be well aware of the fact that there are countless updates about the fall and rise of various businesses and that how interesting they are for all parties involve. There are plenty of affluent individuals and experts who catch people’s attention through their tips and advice and one of these people happen to be Nithin Kamath.

For those who don’t know, Nithin Kamath happens to be the chief executive officer as well as the founder of Zerodha. Zerodha is a renowned online brokerage firm that thousands of people across the globe have been relying on for years and years. Nithin recently posted some tweets that caught the attention of crypto users on Twitter. In his tweet, Nithin stated that crypto is gaining a fair bit of momentum and it could cause major disruptions exchange and brokering space.

One of the reasons why Kamath made this statement was because people often asked him about the things that are capable of causing disruption in the new  age. For a long period of time, people used to think that stock exchange itself would be the one to cause disruptions. However, people are now beginning to realize that crypto is indeed a real deal and will be here for a long time to come.

Kamath also made mention of the fact that the only way exchange and brokering businesses could encounter disruption would be if someone starts paying people for negative brokerage. However, that is easier said than done, because many people have tried to figure out a way but ended up failing.

Believe it or not, brokers generally tend to rely on a limited trading base. In case the traders end up choosing some other option, there is a good chance that this could lead to major disruptions in the brokering space. In the twitter thread being talked about, Kamath also made mention of the fact that there isn’t much left for causing disruptions in the exchange and broking landscape, whether it is on product or on pricing. That being said, in case the traders do end up switching towards the world of trading, disruptions could very well be imminent.

While crypto has not gained the momentum required to make disruptions in the trading world, experts believe that things are headed towards that direction. This doesn’t mean in any way that people should not invest in crypto, as it will only get more profitable down the line.

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