floki, CHEEZ, NFTNDR, and more Recently Listed Cryptocurrencies

Today’s a huge day for the entire cryptocurrency because from yesterday up until now, over 50 new cryptocurrencies have been launched. This means that almost 2 cryptocurrencies are being launched every hour, which is increasing the number on the crypto-verse.

At present, the most recently launched cryptocurrency on the crypto-verse is Floki One (floki). It is the first Floki token that has been launched through the Harmony blockchain. In the upcoming days, the asset is aiming to launch its line of nonfungible tokens into the industry.

As of now, floki is trading at a price of $0.0000000008567 per floki, after experiencing a 0.08% drop in it in the past 24-hours. For now, there is no trading volume recorded for floki as it may take time to collect the data from the Harmony blockchain. However, as Floki One is destined to be a nonfungible token-creating protocol, it may soon catch the attention of the entire NFT community.

The next newly-launched cryptocurrency is CheeseDAO (CHEEZ) that has been launched through the Harmony blockchain as well. As it is the Harmony blockchain, therefore, no data has been retrieved in terms of its trading volume. CHEEZ will be acting as a bond currency that will be operating with the decentralized ecosystem. In the past 24-hours, CheeseDAO’s price has plunged by 2.25% and it is currently trading at a price of $402.42 per CHEEZ.

Given the current market and demand for bond tokens, CHEEZ may be plagued with a slow growth rate as compared to floki, which is an NFT-based protocol.

The next crypto in line is NFTinder (NFTNDR) that has been launched through the Binance Smart Chain. As the name suggests, NFTNDR has been launched within the NFT space, which is currently among the highest profiting crypto-based industries. In the past 24-hours, NFTNDR’s price has surged by 19.86% and it has surged by 20.36% in the past hour. As of now, NFTNDR’s price is trading at a price of $0.00002057 per NFTNDR.

Shinomics (SHIN) comes next in the list, which is also based on the Binance Smart Chain. SHIN’s price has surged by 25.21% since its launch and 21.56% in the past hour. After the surges, the price of SHIN is revolving at $0.000001953 per SHIB price tag. Although developed as a meme token, SHIN aims to achieve the same goals as DOGE and SHIB by becoming a commercial token. Just like the largest meme coins, SHIN aims to be adopted by mainstream institutions as a mode of payment.

As the number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow larger with time, it is being noticed that most of the tokens launched are targeted at two major sectors. The first sector is the nonfungible space and the second sector is the metaverse. Therefore, the investors must keep a close eye on these major markets.

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