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Forextk Ltd is a new broker in the online trading world, you can sign up with them in the link below or continue reading our Forextk Ltd review to learn all you should know about Forextk Ltd. Is Forextk Ltd scam or legit? Learn more today!

Forextk Ltd Review

With the ever growing online trading industry and advancements, the number of users shifting to the platform has been increasing with every passing day. The reason why so many people have started shifting to the online trading platform is because of two main reasons.

The first reason is the vast variety of online trading assets offered by the online trading industry. The second reason is the profits that the online trading platform has the potential of providing their users with.

Then then Pandemic Hit the World

Another factor that played a key role in the mass-adoption of the online trading platform was the COVID-19 situation. When the pandemic hit the entire world, businesses and companies from all around the world shut down due to worldwide lockdowns and curfews. These shutdowns and indefinite closures resulted in mass un-employments.

Due to the mass un-employments and millions of people getting laid off, there was a dire need for these people to find a source of income to keep their kitchens running. The option of going out in search of employments was out of the question because of the lockdowns and curfews.

Therefore, these millions of people needed something to make money fast and quick. This is when the online trading platform provided a safe haven to the pandemic-struck people and provided them opportunities to make profits.

What Went Wrong With Online Trading Firms’ Practices?

Since the establishment of the online trading platform until now, there are more than six hundred online trading firms that have been introduced. At present these online trading platforms are responsible of catering to the needs of millions of users and providing them opportunities to make profits and a living through their trades and investments.

However, the situation started to take a turn when the number of online traders and investments started shooting through the roof. With so much money flowing into the online trading markets, the online trading firms ended up straying from the right path.

Their focus of empowering their customers with online trading knowledge and information shifted to extracting money out of them. Soon, majority of the online trading platforms came onboard and started following the same trends.

In a matter of just a year, these practices from majority of the online firms have resulted in a huge loss to the business, trust, and investments to the entire online trading platforms.

Forextk Ltd is Among the Ranks of Responsible Brokers

While majority of the online trading firms are still at it, Forextk Ltd along with some of the most prominent and highly reputed online trading platforms is trying to make a difference.

Forextk Ltd is currently operating as an online trading firm whose aim is to regain the reputation that the online trading industry has lost over the course of time. Most importantly, Forextk Ltd aims to empower its users/investors in the online trading markets, helping them understand the trends and maneuvers of handing online trades.

The firm strongly believes that by practicing-providing such services and facilities, it can help regain the trust of the customers that they used to have in the online trading firms.

Furthermore, the firm aims to provide its customers with all the help they need and with state of the trading platforms along with the security systems that are highly secure and protected from external threats.

List of Online Trading Accounts Offered by Forextk Ltd

Nowadays, majority of the online trading firms offer only one trading account. However, how these online trading firms gain the trust of the customers is by offering them a demo account. What follows next is a replicated online trading environment where the customers can practice and learn the basics of online trading. However, what they do not offer is assistance, guidance, and necessary information once the users are past the demo account phase.

However, Forextk Ltd wants to provide their customers the freedom of choosing a trading account that suits their trading experience and profile. Each account offered by Forextk Ltd is equipped with services, facilities, and benefits that the users can utilize to become veterans and enhance their trading profiles:

  • Standard Trading

If you are new to the online trading business and prefer learning the basics of online trades before going all out into the trading markets, then you can choose to go with ‘Standard’ trading account. All you need to do is make a deposit of minimum $10,000 to gain ownership of MarketSpot’s standard trading account.

Once the deposit for the standard trading account has been made and ownership is gained, you will have unlocked services that are better suited to your trading profile. Some of the most important services offered through the standard account include 1:200 leverage, up to 25% margin loan, daily news, trading academy, weekly market review, and weekly portfolio progress report.

In addition to the above, an account manager is assigned to your profile who is responsible for helping you out throughout your trading journey and give you most viable trading advice.

  • Silver Trading

You can consider ‘Silver’ trading as the second start that is added to your trading profile. If you choose to go with this account, then it is expected that you are somewhat familiar with the basics of online trades and market trends. This is the point where Forextk Ltd starts adding more services, benefits, and facilities to your profile to polishing your trading skills.

To gain access to the silver trading account, you can make a deposit of minimum $50,000 and unlock a list of services that are way more than the ones offered by standard account. Some of the most useful services that you unlock include 1:200 leverage, up to 35% margin loan, up to 25% discount on commission.

With silver account, you have access to services offered through the standard account as well. Most importantly, you are provided with more and more human support to ensure your profile is constantly assessed and monitored. These real-time assistance includes the support of the portfolio manager, trading analysts, and certified accountants.

Forextk Ltd considers its ‘Gold’ trading account as the most critical step in the online trading markets. This is the middle-point of the trading accounts offered through Forextk Ltd. Most importantly, this is where Forextk Ltd gets serious with your trading activities and starts monitoring every each one of your trading movements.

In order to gain access to Forextk Ltd’ gold trading account, you need to make a minimum deposit of $100,000. Once the deposit has been made, more trading options and services are added to your already running trading profile.

Some of the major services offered through the gold trading account include 1:200 leverage, daily market reviews, daily portfolio progress report, and up to 35% discount on commission. In addition to these services, you become eligible for real-time support from representatives such as portfolio manager, market analysts, certified accountant, team of analysts, and a tax specialist.

  • VIP Trading

Forextk Ltd’ ‘VIP’ trading account is for users that have gained an ample amount of experience in online trading. These users are equipped with the knowledge and insights to survive through some of the most difficult trading markets and complex situations.

If you wish to gain access to the VIP trading account, then you can make deposit of minimum $250,000 and unlock new items that are added to your already operational trading profile.

The services you unlock through the VIP account include 1:300 leverage, customized education, daily market signals, invites to VIP events, in-depth research, a managed portfolio, and up to 50% discount on commissions. Additionally, your account becomes eligible to acquire services from the real-time support teams from Forextk Ltd that include portfolio manager, top analysts, VIP advisor, and trading webinars.

  • PRO Trading

This is the highest level online trading that Forextk Ltd offers its customers. This account has been made for those who are fully confident over their trading skills and expertise for surviving in any trading environment.

So if you are confident over your trading skills and the ability to take on any challenges from the online trading markets, then you can opt for Forextk Ltd’ ‘Pro’ trading account by making a deposit of minimum $1,000,000.

Once the deposit has been made and you gain access to the Pro trading account, you unlock all the features, services, facilities, and real-time support that Forextk Ltd has to offer.

Some of the major services offered by Forextk Ltd are include 1:400 leverage, up to 100% margin on loan, unlimited access to brokers, customized education programs, invites to VIP events, higher payouts, up to 75% discount on commission, super tight spreads, and daily market news & reviews.

Furthermore, you can also avail real-time support that includes support from Forextk Ltd’ representatives such as the wealth manager, top analysts, portfolio manager, as well as all the representatives that you already have through the VIP trading account.

List of Trading Instruments Offered by Forextk Ltd

When it comes to offering online trading instruments, Forextk Ltd aims to provide its customers with a range assets that they can trade through the online trading platform. To ensure that they are able to handle all the queries and concerns from their customers and provide them with full support, Forextk Ltd only offers their users the items that they have under their complete command.

The team of expert analysts and traders at Forextk Ltd are dedicated to providing customers with all the support, information, insights, and trips/tricks for managing their daily trade activities. Apart from the real-time support provided by Forextk Ltd, the firm has also provided their users with an exclusive trading platform. This platform has been developed only for Forextk Ltd’ own users and is equipped with tools and services necessary to take the trading experience of users to the next level.

  • Forex with Forextk Ltd

Forex is the first ever trading instrument that Forextk Ltd decided to adopt and offer their users. The pioneers of Forextk Ltd are considered veterans in the Forex trading sector.

With their knowledge in the forex trading sector, the operators of Forextk Ltd can provide you with best forex trading advice. They can notify you when a particular currency pair is to gain more value and profitability so you can invest in it, sell it, and make quick profits.

Furthermore, if you choose to trade with Forextk Ltd in forex, then you have access to more than 70 currency pairs that you can choose to trade with.

  • Stocks with Forextk Ltd

Stocks trading is second only to forex trading when it comes to liquidity and market capitalization. Even then it is one of the most prominent and highly adopted trading instrument by majority of the online trading community.

The expert analysts at Forextk Ltd are constantly in the process of monitoring the stocks markets and observing the price fluctuations among hundreds of stocks trading markets. With their knowledge, information, and insights in the stocks trading markets, the expert analysts can guide you while choosing the company and its stocks.

Furthermore, these experts can provide you with the best trading opinions and keep you posted if any turn of events are to take place for the assets that you have under your possession.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, Forextk Ltd ensures that it provides you with the most protected, secure, and regulated trading environment for this decentralized platform.

If you choose to trade cryptocurrencies through Forextk Ltd, then you have access to more than 600 cryptocurrencies that you can choose to trade from. Once again, the team of expert analysts will be at your service to provide you with the best crypto-trading insights, information, and advice.

With so much crypto-related information at your disposal, you will feel completely safe while stepping foot into the cryptocurrency markets. No matter the scenario or case, you can always count on the un-diverted support of Forextk Ltd’ crypto-trading specialists as every user is on top of their priority and the rest comes later.

Trading Platform Offered by Forextk Ltd

By now you must already have some knowledge of the tools, facilities, services, and options Forextk Ltd’ online trading platform has to offer its customers. But I feel that I must add that the trading platform offered by Forextk Ltd has been developed by the developing team of Forextk Ltd itself.

The reason why Forextk Ltd has developed their own trading platform is to ensure that they introduce all the features and tools for their customers without any delays or third-party involvements. The platform offered by Forextk Ltd is constantly going through developments and upgrades to adopt to the latest trading trends and facilities.

Forextk Ltd takes the feedback of its users extremely serious and if they see that the customers are anticipating a service/tool that is yet to be integrated to their trading platform, they apply the updates as soon as possible.

When trading with the Forextk Ltd’ online trading platform, you have an entire list of services and tools at your disposal. But some of the most prominent services are daily market news/reviews, latest trading charts-historical reports, multi-lingual support, access to 600+ crypto-assets, access to major forex-stocks markets, algorithmic trading, and state of the art trading interface.

Deposits and Withdrawals through Forextk Ltd

For Forextk Ltd it is extremely important that its users feel completely safe and have an ease of mind when making deposits and withdrawals through it. This is why Forextk Ltd offers its customers some of the most popular and secure modes of payments that they can use to make deposits and withdrawals.

  • Deposits to Forextk Ltd

When depositing money to Forextk Ltd for investments, the first thing to know is that you can make deposits in some of the major fiat currencies. At present, the fiat currencies you can choose to make deposits are Euros, United States Dollars, and Great Britain Pounds.

At Forextk Ltd, the minimum amount of the first ever deposit is $10,000 that is the minimum deposit for Forextk Ltd’ most basic ‘Standard’ trading account. The methods that you can choose to make deposits are Bank Wire Transfers, BPAY, and most popularly, Visa Cards, and MasterCards.

  • Withdrawals from Forextk Ltd

When it comes to processing withdrawals, Forextk Ltd has again tried its best to provide their customers with tensionless withdrawal processes. However, the withdrawal periods provided by Forextk Ltd may vary depending on the type of the withdrawal method you choose for the transfer.

If you wish to make a withdrawal request, then you need to request a minimum of 100 (USD, EUR, GBP) to be able to process it. The time period communicated by Forextk Ltd for withdrawals is 3-4 working days but as mentioned before, it may vary depending on the type of withdrawal method you choose.

Furthermore, the withdrawals are made through the same methods that are used to make deposits and are transferred in the same currency as the one used for trading.

Be aware that when a withdrawal request has been triggered, it is sent over to the finance investigation team at Forextk Ltd, who then verify the transaction and amount. Once all the necessary checks are done and requirements are fulfilled, then the money is approved for withdrawal.

Forextk Ltd’ Adherence to Major Regulations

For Forextk Ltd, it is extremely important to adhere to the regulations and policies put in place by the local/international authorities. The main reason for Forextk Ltd adhering to these regulations is to adopt procedures, policies, and practices that offer high standards of professionalism and ethics.

Most importantly, strict abiding of these regulations ensures that Forextk Ltd does not end up being involved in activities that involve criminal elements. Forextk Ltd is not concerned whether the breaches are intentional or unintentional, the firm must not be found guilty of involvement in criminal activities under any circumstances.

  • Adherence to KYC Regulations

Know-Your-Customer policy is one of the major regulation that the authorities expect every online trading firm to abide by strictly. However, recent research has revealed that not even 50% of the online trading firms adhere to the KYC policy.

Unlike other online trading firms, Forextk Ltd strictly abides by the KYC policy to ensure it does not end up providing safe-haven to criminals, corrupt politicians, or people that are involved in terrorist activities.

Forextk Ltd pays a close attention to each and every user when they sign up with the firm and demands their personal identification information (PII) to go through profile history.

  • Adherence to AML Regulations

One of the most notorious criminal activity that has authorities from all around the world talking and trying to bring under control is money-laundering. In the recent years, it has been revealed that majority of the criminal syndicates from all around the world have started adopting to the online trading maneuvers to carry out money-laundering.

Therefore, the regulatory authorities from all around the world put extra pressure over the online trading firms to strictly adhere to the Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Unfortunately, majority of the online firms ignore adhering to the AML policy because if they start adhering to them, they would end up losing hefty investments and funds.

Again, Forextk Ltd earns the spotlight for being adherent to the AML regulation. It ensures that every unusual or high-risk transaction is reported and investigated by the concerned teams working for Forextk Ltd. If the transaction does turn out to be fraudulent and originates from an unknown or corrupt source, Forextk Ltd spots them to the regulatory authorities to take further actions.

Forextk Ltd 24/6 Chat Support

If you are trading through Forextk Ltd, then you will never find yourself wandering the online trading markets without help and support from Forextk Ltd’ representatives.

When it comes to support, you can always count on the account manager, portfolio manager, account analysts, trading analysts, tax specialists and many more representatives, depending on the query and severity.

However, if you feel your query is general and does not require assistance from neither of the representatives, then you have Forextk Ltd’ 24/6 Chat Support at your support.

All you need to do is visit Forextk Ltd’ website where you will be greeted by one of the chat support representatives from Forextk Ltd. You can ask them any question related to Forextk Ltd or its services and they will make sure to surprise you with their prompt replies.

The chat support team at Forextk Ltd is very competent and skilled in dealing with customer queries in the most efficient and professional manner.

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