Former Baywatch TV Show Star To Run A Giveaway on BitClout

A former Baywatch TV Show star and a celebrity, Pamela Anderson, will be giving out three physical, signed copies of her concluded cover, Playboy on BitClout, a newly kickstarted social network.

She will be giving these covers to the top 3 people holding her coin (each person has their tokens on the BitClout ecosystem, which could fall or rise in value as well). The winner of this giveaway would be declared by March 31. Pamela revealed that there is a possibility that she will release the NFTs also, but this for all holders of her coin.

Pamela Anderson becomes a member of BitClout

It was quite shocking and surprising that Pamela decided to join BitClout on January 26. She, in turn, quits all other social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with the intention that her focus will now be on reading and nature. She also claimed that website and social network as such has made to waste one’s time and also to earn off you while controlling your head.

But then, on March 27, she suddenly became a verified member of the BitClout, where she claimed that the social network gave her freedom while also mentioning the advantage of decentralization.

Though currently, BitClout is a centralized platform, all its projects are going to go decentralized with time. Currently, users of BitClout are allowed to transact with a few of their cryptocurrencies and even Bitcoin.

Recently, Pamela Anderson started posting her endorsements from BitClout on the social network, spurring others to join too. She expressed her solidarity for the freedom of the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, just before she released the details of her intended giveaway.

Full details about BitClout

BitClout is a new social network that created customized crypto attached to an individual identity on the network. Every user of Twitter can claim an identity on the network and will have a personal creator coin for themselves.

Though amidst that, there are thousands of creator coins created in advance for influential figures on Twitter even without obtaining their permission. As soon as those influencers join the network, they can claim coins. (They may be required to pay about $60 worth of BTC for that.)

Playboy covers Giveaway

Pamela Anderson will be giving out her covers, which worth $13,000, to the top three holders of her coin. (the value actually could have been boosted by the giveaway news already.)

She has not as of now announced the details of the event but only revealed that the announcement would take place on 31st March by midnight. BitClout social network would help her interact with the accounts that are holding her coin.

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