FXORO Review – Is FXORO Better Than Other Brokerages?

FXORO Review

Before I go on to tell you how unique and phenomenal FXoro is, I must tell you the history and the circumstances that led me to this one out of a million trading brokerages. In the current state of pandemic and the economy being really low, every common man seems to be desperate and content about finding something that can become their primary source of income as there are chances that one may lose their job or business at any given time.

However, in this time, internet has been the best guidance anyone can find and a platform where people can come and find themselves a job and opportunities that the want. For me, it was the same case as I was looking for a way to find a permanent monetary solution and be able to put food on my table. But, to me it was not finding an online job or start a business of mine as I have always been too lazy to take that big of responsibilities and wanted something where all I had to do was to make small investments and make loads of money in a quick manner.

By now, you must think that I am selfish but to be honest, when you services like internet around, you tend to become like that because internet has the capability of doing that. And surprisingly, I was able to find an online brokerage that claimed to do just that, known as FXoro.


Who Are FXoro

My search for the best online trading brokerage brought me to FXoro that not only provided the best investment solutions and trading accounts but also seemed customer oriented as more than 50% of the content provided on their website revolves around the grooming and education of the investors. This is the reason why I gave them a chance and to tell you the truth, I haven’t regretted it even for a second.

Accounts Offered by FXoro

If you are someone who has already gone through a number of brokerages to find the right one, you must have notice that almost every brokerage seems to offer an entire catalogue of trading accounts with different benefits, facilities and bonuses that come along their subscriptions.

However, FXoro stays true to their customer oriented brokerage reputation and has provided their customers with the below account types:

Fixed Spreads Account

As the name suggests, in the fixed spreads account, the investors have the benefit of trading in any of the assets market without worrying about the difference changing between the spreads. Here, the investors can trade without worrying as the difference between the spreads remains fixed completely ignoring the actual volatility that may take place in the trading market.

Variable Spreads Account

However, if the investors do wish to trade in the same and open trading environment as the trading instruments, the investors can choose to trade with the variable spreads account where they will be trading in the same market volatility environment with as low as 0.3 pips.

Islamic Account

This option is available for any investor who chooses either of the fixed spreads account or variable spreads account. With the Islamic account, the investors have the privilege of trading under the laws and governance of the Islamic Sharia. With the Islamic Account, the investors do not have to worry about any swap or rollover interest on the overnight positions.

Trading Assets That You Can Choose To Trade In

Unlike other trading brokerages who tend to offer their investors with just one trading instrument, FXoro provides their clients with a vast variety of trading instruments to choose from so they can choose the trading instrument they see fit for their skills and capabilities and increase their earnings.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is the platform where the investors get to buy or sell foreign currencies in the form of pairs and make profits from the differences in the value of the currencies. At present, Forex is considered to be the black horse in the trading markets as the overall trading volume that gets transacted through the forex platform is $5 Trillion per day. So, trading in Forex would be the best choice one can make.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading refers to the platform where the investors can act as buyers and sellers to set up contracts and agree to a deal or they can simply buy one of many commodities (gold, crude oil, copper, wheat, rice etc.) and sell them if the prices of the particular commodity go higher.

Shares Trading

Shares trading is the process where a company goes public to sell their assets in order to generate funds for meeting their annual targets as well as generate capitals to start their new research and development programs. The investors can then keep these shares till their prices mature and sell them to make profits.

Indices Trading

Indices trading refers to the process where investors observe and predict the overall price value of the collective assets of a group of companies. The investors can then call for short positions or long positions to make profits if the deal opens in their favor. In indices trading, the investors cannot buy the assets but simply sort of bid on their price values.

Crypto-Currencies Trading

Crypto-Currencies trading is somewhat similar to forex but involves only one e-currency at a time where the investors can either buy an e-currency out of 1600+ cryptos currently live in the trading markets or mine them and then sell them if the price of their e-currency is showing an upward trend in the value.

FXoro’s Educational Content and Customer Support

Staying true to their reputation, FXoro has provided their investors the opportunity to go through the online (short & long) courses to enhance their trading skills as well as glossary, which they can refer to if they have difficulties understanding a particular term as well as go through the information provided against the trading instruments.

On top of this, if the investors are still finding themselves in an uncalled for situation, they can always get in touch with FXoro’s 24/5 Customer Support who are highly skilled professionals and are more than capable of responding to your query very promptly.

A Word of Advice

By now, I am sure that you are tempted to start trading with FXoro but I do want to tell you that no matter how attracting one thing may sound, there are always complexities and risks along the way, especially in the trading world. At times, your patience will be tested to its max and if you are not patient enough then you will end up losing your cools so if you think that you will be bested out by these situations then I’d recommend that you find yourself an alternative source of income.

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