FXPoint Review – Notable Features of the Broker

FXPoint Review

Whether it is forex, stock and now crypto, the financial markets have always been profitable. Millions of people all over the globe participate in these markets and there have been plenty of success stories that have motivated others to try their luck as well. To be able to enjoy the opportunities available, you will require the services of an online broker. It is not really hard to find them, as a quick search on Google presents you a list of options. However, you do need to sort through them to choose the best one. That’s the whole purpose of the FXPoint review because it highlights the notable features of this brokerage.

When you have a horde of options at your disposal, it can be easy to become confused and not be sure of how to make your choice. Checking out the features of a brokerage can simplify the process because it can help you distinguish the good ones from the shady options. FXPoint is one of the options that you will find in your search and in order to reach a conclusion about it, you need to know its features. You can check them out below:

Extensive asset index

The most prominent feature that can go a long way in distinguishing any broker from the rest is their asset index. The markets you can access via their platform and the instruments you can trade can make a big difference because your profitability is directly linked to them. Therefore, you will be pleased to know that FXPoint has an extensive asset index that gives you access to 1,200 markets. There are more than 700 instruments that you can choose from and they all belong to different markets. 

This extensive variety ensures that you will have no trouble in diversifying your investment portfolio, which is a great strategy for reducing your risks and maximizing your returns. The most important feature is that you will be able to trade the top instruments from every market via FXPoint. Some of the options you will be able to explore include forex, cryptocurrencies, stock, indices and commodities, leading to a profitable portfolio.

Versatile trading platform

The trading platform is a vital feature of every brokerage because it is used for executing trades in the market and provides the tools needed for trading. FXPoint has developed their own trading platform for their clients and have delivered professional quality in this regard. Their trading platform has been designed to be compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices because it is web-based. This means that it doesn’t have to be downloaded anywhere and is accessible via their website. It makes the platform flexible because you can access it on any device of your choice.

The user-interface is simple, but the platform itself uses cutting-edge technology for delivering quick trade execution. The dashboard can be customized as per the trader’s preferences and there are a horde of trading tools that have been added for assisting traders. FXPoint has ensured that its clients get access to live charts, price alerts, trading signals and custom indicators. They can also use various analysis tools and take advantage of the latest news and risk management features of the platform to enjoy seamless trading. 

Easy registration procedure

If there is one thing that can be daunting for traders when signing up with a broker, it is their registration process. What will you have to do? It is a question that many ask because there have been stories about complicated and time consuming registration processes. Luckily, FXPoint has eliminated all of the hassle by keeping things simple. There is just a single form on their website that you have to complete to register for their services.

It will not take you longer than five minutes to do so because the form asks for basics, like first and last name, country, phone number and your email address and a password. Traders are also asked to confirm that they are 18 and agree with FXPoint’s Terms & Conditions, which are outlined on their website. As long as you complete the steps, you will be registered on the platform immediately. 

Multiple account options 

A very impressive feature that you will come across on FXPoint is the sheer number of account options they offer. If you have checked out a couple of other brokers, then you are probably aware that it is the norm to offer account options to traders. But, most of the companies out there offer two to three choices to their clients. But, this is where you will find this broker to be different because they have offered twice that i.e. six account options, as they are offering their services to traders from all backgrounds.

The account options that have been created include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite. Each account comes with its own minimum deposit requirements, starting with €250 for the Basic account and going up to €25,000 for the Platinum. The Elite account is only available to specific traders who are able to meet some requirements. Some features are common in all accounts like daily market review, customer support, price alerts and PRO webinars. Others like personalized trading strategy, one-on-one training and exclusive position access are account specific. The welcome bonus offered to traders by FXPoint also starts from the Silver account and increases gradually. 

Robust customer support

Knowing that there can be plenty of challenges during trading, FXPoint has added robust customer support for its clients. They have an FAQ section that provides answers to basic questions that any trader may have. If you have specific problems, you can get in touch with the company’s team that’s available 24/6. They can be contacted via live chat, phone and email. In fact, a callback can also be scheduled as per your own ease. 


Thanks to these prominent and notable features, along with impressive security, competitive pricing and spreads and accommodating payment solutions, FXPoint can be a strong trading platform for every trader, no matter what their background.  

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