Gala Price to Hit a High of $0.98631 or a Low of $0.25535

At the time of writing, Gala’s (GALA) price is observing a value that is worth $0.5175 per GALA. The digital has asset’s price has achieved the figure after experiencing a 15.82% surge in the past 7-days. While the same digital asset has observed a surge worth 2.63% in the past 24-hours.

It goes to suggest that the overall trend for GALA as observed in the past 7-days is moving in the upper-trend zone. The summary scale for GALA shows that as of now, the scale supports the “buy” factor for GALA. At the time of writing, the summary scale ratio (sell:neutral:buy) is leaning inside the “buy” zone demonstrating a figure 2:9:13.

It goes to suggest that the overall sentiments of the investors at present are leaning in the bullish zone. Even if the sentiments of the investors change in the upcoming days, it is clear from the summary scale that it won’t move to the sellers’ zone either.

If the price of GALA goes towards the downtrend, it may become neutral and its price may become stagnant for a bit. As of now, the price of GALA is hovering around a 30-day SMA, which sits at $0.52353. In the upcoming days, the investors may attempt to increase the buying power for GALA.

If the bulls manage to increase the buying power for GALA, it may grow much bigger in size in the upcoming days. For now, the bulls and analysts predict that the price of GALA may grow all the way up to $0.59442 per GALA.

The $0.59442 per GALA may turn out to be the first strong resistance point for GALA. After hitting the particular price, the bulls may attempt to push GALA’s price higher, bringing it up to $0.76177 per GALA, second strong resistance.

At this point, the bears may increase their strong selling activity and may try to dip GALA’s price. If the bulls succeed in dealing with the bears’ pressure, they may be able to push GALA’s price all the way up to $0.98631.

On the contrary, the bears may make their own attempt of pulling GALA’s price lower. They may try to bring its price below the 20-day SMA, which stands at $0.48342. If the bulls do not show much support at this price, the bears may attempt to pull GALA’s price down to $0.34755.

At the $0.34755 per GALA price, the bears may come into action and may attempt to launch a strong bearish trend against GALA. The attempt would involve in increase the selling pressure and attempting to pull its price all the way down to 100-day SMA, which is $0.25535 per GALA.

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