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Genesis Exchange is an online trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, if you don’t have time or knowledge enough for day trading Genesis Exchange is a good choice for you as the broker offers investment account with auto trading technology. You can sign up with Genesis Exchange in the link below or read our full Genesis Exchange review to learn more.

Genesis Exchange Review 

The financial markets are renowned for the lucrative opportunities they provide to all those who are willing to capitalize on them. It has become easier than ever for people to do so, thanks to the introduction of online trading. But, in order to take advantage of this option, you will require the services of a broker. There is no shortage of options that you can explore when you begin looking and it will not take you long to find yourself looking at Genesis Exchange.

It is one of the companies offering their trading services in the market and it could prove to be useful to check out a Genesis Exchange review. After all, you are probably aware of the frauds and scams that are rampant in the online world and you don’t want to end up in the grasp of a company you cannot trust.

The best way to determine if a platform is trustworthy or not is through a review and that’s what you need to do in the case of Genesis Exchange. Check out the highlights of this platform below:

Genesis Exchange – The Security 

If you are asking yourself whether you can trust a brokerage or not, you cannot find the answer without assessing their security. How else will the platform be able to protect you from the cybercriminals who are more than eager to take advantage? The good news is that Genesis Exchange has put in a lot of effort and created a secure trading environment.

To begin with, they have chosen to protect the deposits of their clients by following the rules of customer account segregation. This means that Genesis Exchange has chosen to keep its own accounts separate from that of its clients in order to avoid any mix ups. If the broker was to go bankrupt, your funds will be left undisturbed and returned to you.

The money is kept with some of the most reputable financial institutions, thereby ensuring that it remains safe from theft. They also protect all confidential and sensitive data that’s shared with them through advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, which can keep prying eyes away from your data and prevent any misuse.

Genesis Exchange – The Assets 

While the risks mentioned above are undoubtedly a major concern, you shouldn’t forget about the risks that are inherent in trading. Sure, you can make large profits via trading, but equally large profits are also a possibility. How do you minimize this risk? This is where diversification helps, but only if there are enough instruments for you to be able to practice diversification.

Luckily, it will not be a problem with Genesis Exchange because they have a huge asset index. The company offers you a whopping 700 trading instruments on its platform and they belong to some of the top financial markets around the world. You can check out forex currency pairs, both major and minor, or explore digital currencies as well.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, so they offer high returns. To balance the risks, you can try out commodities that tend to be stable and consistent. Genesis Exchange has also added stocks and indices to its offerings for ensuring that everyone can find something to trade.

Genesis Exchange – The Registration 

Registering is a prerequisite on any online platform, whether it is a social media network or a brokerage. But, it can be an intimidating process because some companies tend to be very inquisitive and ask for a lot of detailed information that’s mostly irrelevant. It also sends up a red flag because it is mostly shady brokers looking to steal your data who will ask for such extensive information.

This is another concern that has been eliminated with Genesis Exchange because their registration process is extremely straightforward. You have to complete only one form on their website and this barely takes you five minutes.

Moreover, the information asked for in the form is also very basic and doesn’t go beyond your first name, last name and country and phone number. Genesis Exchange also asks you to enter an email address and password that will be used as login details. As long as you are 18 and agree to their Terms & Conditions, you are good to go.

Genesis Exchange – The Accounts 

After registration is done, you will need to open an account with the broker and this means you consider what kind of account options you will get. Genesis Exchange has proven to be different than the rest of the companies in the market by offering six account options, as opposed to the usual three. You don’t have to make hefty deposits to start trading, as the lowest deposit begins at just €250 while the highest is €25,000. 

The flexibility of account options can be quite appealing, especially when you see that Genesis Exchange has equipped each account with some basic features, before adding some extras. For instance, customer support, daily market reviews, price alerts, and daily video analysis are available in all accounts. The personal account manager is also provided, but their level of expertise and experience varies from account to account.

Genesis Exchange – The Support

During the course of trading, you could require some guidance, help, or assistance and this is when you will turn to the support provided by a broker. You will not be disappointed with Genesis Exchange because they have made it easy for their clients to get the support they are looking for.

An FAQ section has been created to provide the most basic answers and if that’s not enough, there are ways to contact their agents. You can use live chat, email, and phone or schedule a call back whenever it is convenient for you by filling out the form on their website. This support is available 24/6 and the agents are friendly and helpful.

Final Thought

With an advanced yet intuitive trading platform, extensive educational resources and learning material, and a competitive trading environment and you will be able to see that Genesis Exchange is a broker you can trust to start and continue your trading journey. 

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