Glassnode Report Shows Disarray Amongst Bitcoin Investors

Glassnode has reported that Bitcoin has recently experienced a large number of its investors either holding or selling as of late. When looked upon further, they noticed that long-term holders have plans of accumulating BTC as much as possible, whereas speculators for the short term tend to sell.

A large majority of BTC are ‘young coins’

Bitcoin had also recently seen a large portion of its token moving on-chain tended to be ‘young coins.’ Of this, just 5% of the spent outputs were found to be over 90 days old. In addition, most of the ‘changing hands’ that took place on Bitcoin took place only less than three months ago, on the blockchain itself.

Moreover, it was also discovered that those investors that had been subscribed to long term investment strategy had actually experienced an increase in their holdings within the past year, whereas those investing in short term plan are more focused on making as much profit as they can, and they have been doing this as early as the start of last year.

Long-term holders seem to have more knowledge

When compared side by side, it was revealed that long-term holders might actually possess greater knowledge when it comes to Bitcoin investment as compared to short-term holders. Long-term holders are therefore designated as ‘LTH’ while short-term holders are assigned ‘STH.’ The main difference between the two (other than the name) is that LTH tends to hold on to their BTC for over 155 days, whereas STH tend to move Bitcoin on-chain within 155 days.

As a result of this distinction, it has led some to believe that long-term holders may actually be more knowledgeable about Bitcoin, as they have displayed the patience, skills, experience, and wherewithal to know when to hold and when not to. Short-term holders, however, tend to display tendencies one would expect of novices or those that are new to the world of cryptocurrency and digital trading, as is proven by their desire to often move value in between different exchanges.

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