Global-Coin Review – What Types of Features Global-Coin is Providing Their Traders



Global-Coin is a new broker in the online trading world, you can sign up with them in the link below or continue reading our Global-Coin review to learn all you should know about Global-Coin. Is Global-Coin scam or legit? Learn more today!

Global-Coin Review

Would it be good if you have the capability of earning profits through trading rather than working 9 to 5 daily? Every step that you will take is according to your planning and also you do not have to worry about the retirement. By the tough economic time nowadays everything seems impossible.

However there are some people who have earned a million in couple of months and now they are living a royal life. Trading can give you amazing opportunities to earn. It’s a large market where people trade with the financial instruments and in return they earn money. And the price of these instruments can end up making you thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in being a trader you can easily join a broker. You do not need any financial background or go to school, you can directly trade from your mobile while you are at home. You can trade whenever you want whether it is full time or part-time. But every time you will trade you will always need a broker.

Brokers are an important part for trading as they provide you the access to the trading software and the markets, which are used for performing every transaction. In other words you cannot trade without a broker. However, your success in trading also depends on which broker you are choosing.

I have seen many traders quit because they were unable to find their potential for trading with limited and traditional features. Whenever you will Google search for the brokers you will find thousands of brokers with various features. Traders also varies depending on the expertise of their clients such as some of them trades with the expert traders and some trades with the beginners.

There are some brokers who will only give you the options for crypto currencies or Forex or some will only give you the access to limited options of markets. With so many varieties you can get confused, but you should think about your personal needs.

The best choice of broker is the one who deals in every kind of assets and then you do not need to change the broker again and again to trade in your desired asset. If you are only interested in trading one asset a broker will help you to increase your investment in the future.

I have been in the trading market for decades and I help a lot of traders to understand the concept and techniques of trading. Many new traders are mostly confused and most of them ask me one similar question. The question they mostly ask is which broker is the best. There are a lot of options and it is hard to choose only one broker that is better than all the others.

Well, this is not possible. Many brokers in this market work hard to provide their clients the best service they can have. It depends on a trader what features they require. If a broker need to trade only in stocks then a broker with only a single option of stocks can help.

But if you want to trader in Forex and the broker you chose is not providing you that option than that broker is not a best option for you. Today I will discuss about Global-Coin, which is a new broker in the market. We will analyze all the features that Global-Coin provide, but you should know that in the end the choice for choosing a broker is yours.

Global-Coin is a new broker in the market. Many brokers avoid choosing a new broker because they are looking for an experienced broker. However, it is their choice, but if a broker has the capability of providing you all the features you require with proper security you should go for it. I have talked to many traders who are trading with this platform and their experience is amazing.

They have earned a great reputation in the market with even little experience. However, we still needs to be assure of all the features that this broker is providing and then we can decide. Keeping your money on the internet in the form of digital currency is very risky and you are always scared that if a hacker can steal your hard earned money. Below are some features that I found in Global-Coin:

Range of Assets

I have found some of the brokers in the trading market provides only one asset but many brokers offer various assets so that their traders have variety of markets to earn from. However, when I looked for the options that Global-Coin is providing their traders, I found various options that were interesting.

This broker provides list of options such as commodities, stock indices, forex currencies that every trader should consider while choosing a broker. While browsing through their asset options I also found crypro currency. They are offering the Ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin. Furthermore, they also let you trade with tether, eos, stellar cash and bitcoin.  I believe that now a days every broker should provide trading with cryptocurrencies.

AML and KYC Policies

As the trading industry is so huge and there are so many brokers that it is hard to select a broker who will provide you complete security. I always consider security of information on priority. Through AML and KYC polices no money launderers can sign up with the fake account.

Money launderers has polluted the trading industry as they find trading accounts the best way to secure and transfer their money. With these policies money launderers have to provide complete details that they will never provide. This way they stay away from websites who are offering such policies.

When I was checking the security policy of this website, I found out that they are offering AML and KYC policies. This means that this website with the help of AML Anti money laundering and KYC are aware of their traders as the terms keep their platform legal.

If anyone is signing up then they will have to give some information to get in as ids. Plus they cannot sign up from the Third party account for dealings and have to be secure about the methods used for withdrawal and deposits. So I believe that this broker does not want to use its platform for illegal activities.

Trading Platform

According to me the best thing about a good broker is that they will always offer a platform that contains metatrader 4, which is the top solution for trading now a days. A good platform that is preferred by expert traders is MT4 for global trading and from that you can enjoy great and famous deals because it is user friendly and include good features.

This website works on proving their clients an opportunity so they can trade through their desktop of the MT4 and the web trader, but even though it can be visited from the browser but the desktop version saves time. I found out that Global-Coin is also providing their traders with mobile application which was very helpful for me. I downloaded this application for iOS but you can also use it in Android.

Customer Support

During the process of breathing there is always a small percentage of chance that you are going to get stuck with the problem. If you don’t know how to fix the problem you will always be needing some help, this is where the customer care comes in. This website has recently added the round clock for the customer support for assisting their clients.

Now agents of this broker are available to through different types of channels like phone, online contact, and email. Now you can see any type of held from the option and they are going to give you a quick response.

Portfolio Diversification

If you are thinking to sign up of the first time, I believe that you should look for any type of broker that is offering various trading products. You should also be aware of the latest trend that trading platform must provide to their customers. There are as many as thousands of instruments available in market and can be traded for a lot of profit.

The prices are always shifting in this platform so they can present the opportunity to earn money. But if your broker isn’t giving you access to all these thing so what will you do? Many traders start their career with only single instrument and gradually they expand it. But how will you even explain that the broker is giving you the best options?

Just take a quick look at the y square. It is going to tell the responsibility of broker very seriously and the crypto-currency broker will give you the access to many markets and hundreds of instruments. These options will provide you with help in trading. The largest financial market in the whole world is where your office will begin the forex market.

This broker will give you an opportunity to trade the currency pairs with the exotic pairs and even the minor currency pairs. This platform includes the pairs such as GBP/USD, USD/JPY etc. You have multiple choices that you can choose according to the technique and investing order.

Funds Withdrawal

Many traders have recently complained that the brokers they are trading with are making it very hard for them to withdraw the funds they have. The procedures are very complicated or sometimes the process is that long that the trader do not have any interest left in withdrawing.

But with Global-Coin the process will be extremely easy and very straight forward, you will just need to click on the button which says withdrawal of funds and fill out the form, which is very easy to fill and then the contact number and the method you want to use.

Then a verification email will be sent to your contact which is going to take a minute to confirm. It is only going to take 5 to 10 business day to complete this process. The same type of methods are applied for depositing the money but in some cases if you are depending on the payment you may have to wait for a while.

Registration Process

Before choosing a broker, I also consider the process of registration as this is very significant for new trader. I have seen many brokers who take several days to approve your account for trading and this can be very frustrating for many brokers who don’t want to miss out the current rate of their favorite asset. I have found many brokers who are offering their traders quick registration process.

One of such website is Global-Coin. The broker is aware of what a trader have to go through in order to sign up with a broker that’s why they have kept the process of registration incredibly state forward.

When I was signing up with this broker I just had to give some basic information that is important such as your last name, first name and the password of your account that you will use. When you will be provided with these details from your broker you can register with the broker and move on to the next step of trading. Moreover, you will not have to wait from the approval.


I believe that this broker has provided features that will help any trader to meet their requirements and earn better profits. With Global-Coin your investment is in a good hand so you can trade with less stress. I found this broker trustworthy, reliable, and transparent. However, you can find more about this broker by visiting their website.

Choosing a broker requires some understating of the features that you require. The first thing that you should look for is the security that the broker is providing, secondly you need to check the types of assets they are offering you. A good broker will easy all the process revolving around trading and give you an experience that keeps you motivated.

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