Globally Famed YES World Utility Token Achieves Crucial Milestone Of Skyrocketing Transaction Volume

Multi-Purpose Utility Token

YES WORLD, which is widely known as a weather technician startup on the blockchain, successfully achieved a crucial milestone.

Milestone accomplishment was duly noted in the press release which revealed that the project executed record-breaking transactions of YES WORLD Token namely $YES.

The official press release of YES WORLD suggested that approximately 1.5 million transactions have been executed on the basis of $YES.

$YES serves as a utility token that is primarily used in the gaming world, tourism and health industries and NFT markets, etc. It is also widely used for purposes such as e-commerce.

Crucial Milestone Achieved

The project had recently, exactly in the past week, installed a new portal from which it has started rendering global utility services.

Since the launch of the new portal, statistics show that over 1.5 million $YES transactions have been concluded from the portal.

This is a record-breaking transaction volume and was no less than a crucial milestone, which the project has achieved recently.

The utility token of $YES comes with a variety of use cases. For instance, it is majorly used by investors as an instrument of trade. Furthermore, $YES offers multiple utility services in many countries of the world.

On the other hand, the utility token is also widely used for payment purposes which require the scanning of bar codes. The token is going to prove very useful for users wanting to move away from cash.

They will find it much easier to get used to the native token of the $YES platform. All they will have to do is scan the bar code and the transactions will be processed the moment they are scanned.

Future Expansion and Integration

According to the project, it also aims at integrating e-commerce giants for allowing users to buy products/services online against $YES payments.

Though relatively new, having been launched 8 months ago, $YES has successfully been attracting the huge interest of investors from across the globe. Even crypto exchanges also have become interested in the utility token.

Since its launch to date, the utility token has enabled initial token holders in tripling their investment returns.

According to the data of CoinMarketCap, the data suggests that initial investors earned profits in 3-digits. As of today, users from more than 80 countries have been deriving benefits from the newest portal.

Global Adoption and Recognition

On the other hand, $YES’s market valuation has been increasing tremendously because of which investors’ confidence is growing massively.

The utility token had recently been integrated into several exchanges which include amongst others, Coinsbiti.o and

Even the PancakeSwap, which is a decentralized exchange, also has integrated $YES into its list of acceptable digital assets.

The token is gaining fast traction all over the blockchain networks. Soon the token may get adopted by other decentralized finance projects.

Future Endeavors

The project’s future endeavors aim at merging into the list of acceptable digital assets of at least 50 prominent crypto trading platforms. However, the project is waiting for the right time prior to it going global.

In addition, YES WORLD also has future plans in which it craves for taking on board approximately 10 million global retailers and merchants. This target is also what the firm wants to fulfill ahead of its going global.

It may however be taken into account that the project’s global launch event has been scheduled to take place in April 2024.

‘Save Earth’ Mission

YES WORLD is a green technology project which is the issuer of $YES utility token. The project holds immense value in the crypto industry as it focuses on reducing the hazardous footprint caused by carbon waste.

YES WORLD is the same entity behind the globally popular mission known as ‘Save Earth’ launched for saving weather from pollution.

The mission has the backing and support of a worldwide audience, influential people, and entrepreneurs.

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