Green Life Energy Aims to Promote Renewable Energy Using Blockchain

With the progression of technology, the concept of going green has also progressed. Nowadays, business organizations are looking to enforce renewable energy sources. As of this writing, only 26% of the world’s energy comes from green energy resources. However, in the future, this percentage will scale up for sure.

In most recent development Green Life Energy announced its plans to apply blockchain to promote Renewable Energy. It seems that blockchain technologies have revolutionized the world.  Green Life Energy if focused on keeping things green by using the power oof blockchain.  The company’s primary product is the Green Life Energy token (GNL). GNL digital token is a blockchain token supported by Binance’s blockchain technology.

The company uses the money earned from the token’s sales to support its green initiatives in multiple decisions. However, recently the company’s officials have said that company is looking forward to establishing itself as the main payment method in the renewable energy industry. It will evolve the whole green financial sector related to energy and recycling payments.

It seems that Green Life Energy is not using its slogan of ‘going green’ to create social awareness but also using the slogan for financial gains as well. The team working behind the GNL has explored the benefits of combining blockchain with renewable energy. The company is planning to convince investors to buy GNL digital tokens and play their role in saving the planet.

As of this writing, the Green Life Energy is planning to reach out to big companies and investors in the energy sector who share the same goal. The plan is to convince them to develop an ecosystem revolving around the GNL.  Moreover, the company will also use the money generated from the sale of GNL tokens help society.

For example, the 50% of the profits being generated from initial coin offerings (ICO) would be used to install solar power farms, wind farms and other projects.  As of this writing, the total GNL token supply is 500,000,000 GNL, with 50,000,000 to be burned.  The tokens will be sold via ICO and will be used for the development of a green ecosystem using blockchain technologies.

The company will launch its plan later in 20201. Apart from offering coins via ICO, Green Life Energy will also enlist its coins on several crypto exchanges. The future of the company also includes the strategic partnership with some big energy sector companies to develop a GNL Decentralized Exchange.

It seems that Green Life Energy is committed to use its positive intent towards the protection of the environment for the commercial purposes. Its a win-win situation for Green Life Energy. It is a plan to use blockchain technology for social and commercial purposes at the same time.

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