GSR Services Appoints Goldman Sachs Griggs As CEO

The improvement witnessed in the cryptocurrency space had meant that several digital assets trading and investment platform have had to improve the standard of their services recently. The growth of the cryptocurrency sector has forced many analysts to believe that the space is currently in the top three investment grounds for hefty returns. However, the impending boom and upgrades by several crypto firms have now meant that there will be an essential need for experts and talents who can add more value to the sector.

Terry Griggs experience will be of immense value to GSR

GSR is one of the crypto trading firms that believe that adequate talent is needed to improve business. They have now hired Torey Griggs, a former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, to head its business arm, GSR services, in the United States. Griggs’ appointment has not come as a surprise to many who feel that the astute expert is well experienced enough to take the fortunes of the Bitcoin market makers higher.

The founders of GSR, Cristian Gil, and Richard Rosenblum, were former colleagues of Griggs at Goldman Sachs and must have been impressed with the work of the man who led Goldman Sachs Commodities Sales & Trading Office for about four years. Griggs left Goldman Sachs with a whole list of achievements, improving the firm’s visibility across the U.S, and now is tasked with doing the same for GSR in America.

GSR was founded barely eight years ago, and despite having an adequate growth structure in the firm, the services of a man who had served in various capacities as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He also served as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Managing Director in select fortune 500 companies, which cannot be understated as it is poised to bring in positive dimensional business growth.

Crypto service firms need experienced experts

In the official announcement by GSR, the crypto trading firm had also confirmed the appointment of former Managing director of Houlihan Lokey, David Sola, as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). David Sola is another experienced expert poised to take the fortunes of GSR to the next level. The former executive, who was highly successful during his time at Houlihan Lokey, is excited at the new challenges ahead, as he sees the cryptocurrency space as the next big thing in terms of business and investments.

The former co-head of European M&A at UBS believes that the participation of experienced experts like himself in the growth of Digital assets will further prove to the general public that the cryptocurrency market is here for all. Sola has echoed the words of many analysts who have believed that the presence of experienced financial experts in the Blockchain space will only further improve the image and adoption of cryptocurrency in public. However, many analysts will be hoping that several crypto service firms will follow in the footsteps of GSR, a move that will benefit the entire growth of the Blockchain space.

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