Here’s Why Cardano’s Founder Praises Solana

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson appears to enjoy the progress that Solana (SOL) has had. He congratulated them for their prosperity. Also, he wanted to understand the project’s details, asking where to find the necessary info.

Solana was the first alternative asset to set a new record high after the May crash. Moreover, the coin posted new ATHs almost every day. If you have been following our updates, you probably know how Solana enjoyed lucrative waves over the past weeks.

Raj Gokal, Solana co-founder, replied to the tweet by Hoskinson, telling him that he can DM for more queries. Market players appeared fascinated by their conversation. That is because the proponents categorize the two as ‘Ethereum Killer.’

SOL managed to crack the $100 price level early today for another ATH at $101.8. However, the asset saw slight losses to trade at $98.4 at this publication. However, the crypto trades 33% higher over the last seven days.

Moreover, SOL has almost tripled its value since the early sessions of August. The crypto closed consecutive weekly candlesticks for the past two months, confirming bullish strength.

Solana is a programmable blockchain that has seen meteoric growth, hosting almost 400 crypto projects on it. Keep in mind that the asset covers both NFT and DeFi space.

Probable Reasons for Hoskinson’s Interest

Hoskinson’s interest might be due to the forthcoming Alonzo update on Cardano. Remember, the upgrade will take place on 12 September, and it will support smart contract functionality. That way, Cardano would support NFT and DApps projects. Keep in mind that Solana has enjoyed success in the space.

As the Alonzo date nears, ADA managed to break over its previous record high at $2.47. For now, the crypto trades at $2.83, registering sideways moves following the $3 rejection after the $2.97 ATH. The awaited upgrade appears to enjoy a hype as ADA social media mentions attained a 25% record high over last week.

Hoskinson might want to learn Solana’s success tricks as ADA joins different competitors. Though Ethereum might be too large for any new project to overcome, its vast services resulted in scalability problems. That has had individuals looking for smaller blockchains options.

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