Historical Nintendo Game Boy Can Be Used For Mining Bitcoin

Agree or disagree, it really doesn’t matter as the truth is that decades-old Nintendo Game Boy can be turned into Bitcoin mining machine and that has been proved by a famous Youtuber on 27th March, 2021.

Nobody within or outside the crypto industry has ever thought that Nintendo Game Boy could be turned into a Bitcoin mining machine. But a famous Youtuber who goes by the name Stacksmashing believed that it can. The Youtuber has done the impossible and duly documented the event in a video.

The Youtuber has posted a video of himself on 27th March, 2021. In the video he could be seen using decades old Nintendo Game Boy for turning it into a Bitcoin mining machine. The game he used for the purpose was as historical as 1989, which is more than 31 years old.

In the video he could be seen hacking into the Gameboy which only uses four battery cells of double-A. He came to the conclusion that the Gameboy is as good as any modern day Bitcoin mining rig.

Few years ago, many people too tried to invent methods of mining crypto through innovation and creativity. They wanted their invention to be paired with the Bitcoin blockchain network in which few succeeded while the rest failed. For instance, the famous Ken Shirriff is widely known for successfully mining Bitcoin by using an old fashioned and outdated Xerox Alto.

Producing Bitcoins through Xerox Alto wasn’t the only invention created by Shirriff. In fact later on he showed to the world that he can mine Bitcoin with 50 years old computer, particularly IBM 1401.

In his attempt of using Gameboy as Bitcoin mining rig, the Youtuber connected the console with Raspberry Pi. After doing so, he then used the console’s link port for abridging connection between Bitcoin blockchain network and the console. GBDK, which is a development kit for the old Game Boy was also utilized by Stacksmashing and linked with the hardware called Trezor.

To his amaze, the creativity in fact worked really well as he gained access to Bitcoin network with the Game Boy. He remarked that he felt amazed that with only 4 battery cells he could do Bitcoin farming and consuming massive electricity.

However, the Youtuber noted that though Bitcoin mining is possible through Game Boy but there is massive shortage of hashpower. He noticed that the Game Boy was producing 0.8 hashes in a second. But the modern machines are capable of producing more than 100 terahashes in less than a second, he suggested. So there is massive difference between the efficiency of Game Boy and modern time mining rig in producing Bitcoins.

But creativity is not inclined towards comparing it at par with alike. In fact it is something which should be praised and appreciated by the audience for the sake of creativity.

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