Lawmakers from Latin America Are Talking in Support of Bitcoin on Twitter

According to the latest reports, Panama is also set to become a Bitcoin Pro country in the coming days. Since the beginning of 2021, Central American cities have shown great interest in the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC).

Prior to Panama, it was El Salvador from the same Central American region that had announced its interest in Bitcoin (BTC). Now, Panama is also following in the same footsteps as El Salvador when it comes to the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC).

The reports suggest that one of the congressmen named Gabriel Silva from Panama has talked in favor of Bitcoin (BTC). He has made a proposal to induct Bitcoin (BTC) into the country’s legislation and make it a legal asset for the country.

He has gone the extra mile and has proposed to add other cryptocurrencies to the legislation as well. He has proposed that the new implementation must be made quickly and must be done on a national scale.

The country is now getting ready to make it one of the hubs for the cryptocurrency industry in Central America. However, El Salvador has already taken the lead as its president, Nayib Bukele has already spoken in support of Bitcoin.

It was during the three-day Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami City where Nayib Bukele talked his mind about Bitcoin (BTC). During the conference on June 6, 2021, he revealed that he has positive thinking about Bitcoin (BTC).

Bukele stated that he is confident that Bitcoin (BTC) would prove an essential asset once it is added to the country’s legislation. He assured during the conference that he would be submitting a bill demanding the lawmakers to give legal status to Bitcoin (BTC).

If the approval is given by the lawmakers/regulators, Bitcoin (BTC) would prove to be one of the most prominent financial assets for the country. The world is making a gradual path towards cryptocurrency and digital assets technology.

Therefore, it is extremely important for El Salvador to change its perception and viewpoint about cryptocurrencies and digital assets as well. Now, Panama is doing the same in adopting cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC), which would eventually boost its economy.

Silva talked about the potential of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies through his Twitter profile at great lengths. He stated that the cryptocurrency technology is revolutionary and Panama cannot be left behind in its adoption.

Therefore, the lawmaking authorities need to recognize the importance of this and bring cryptocurrencies on board. If the country aims to offer entrepreneurship and adopt true technology, then cryptocurrency technology must not be marked out.

In the end, Silva proposed to all other Panama Congressmen to join him in his struggle of preparing a proposal for cryptocurrencies that they will present at the Assembly.

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