Lindsay Lohan’s Bitcoin Tweet Ignites Bitcoin Investment Craze

Celebrities too love to jump on Bitcoin’s bandwagon. Lindsay Lohan’s tweet on Bitcoin catches investor’s eye which is inspiring them to bring more to the table.

Since 2020, after the pandemic struck, more and more celebrities are showing their support for legendary cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and other well-known digital assets such as Ethereum, Litecoin etc. A large number of actors, musicians, and other renowned celebrities then joined the Bitcoin investment craze considering that Bitcoin is a great source of storing value.

A few days ago, it was one of the US’s top musicians, Mike Shinoda, who launched non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for selling through auction. Shinoda is running a band that changed the course of the US’s music industry. However, sadly the lead singer of the band committed suicide and Shinoda continued to take on the band’s mission.

Therefore, the connection between celebrities and cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, is something which is prevailing since the inception of crypto. There are a number of celebrities who are supporting Bitcoin voluntarily as ambassadors for encouraging its mass adoption. For many crypto investors, these celebrities have become an inspiring element that helps them to bring money into cryptocurrency.

Very recently, it was Lindsay Lohan, a globally renowned female movie star, tweeted a message saying “Bitcoin to the moon”. The Twitter fan following of Lohan is over 8.5 million currently and she is regarded as the top movie star in Hollywood.

Within minutes after the tweet, thousands and millions of people responded back to Lohan’s tweet. What was intriguing was that Lohan’s tweet inspired many celebrities thereafter in Bollywood to acquire a few Bitcoins for them as well.

Lohan’s tweet was obviously a reaction to the current price surge in the crypto industry. Since Monday, 8th February, 2021, the crypto industry is undergoing a massive increase in the value where Bitcoin is in the driving seat. The surge helped Bitcoin to rise above expectations and started to share hands at US$ 48,000, breaking its past records as well. The reason for the surge is recognized to be the biggest Bitcoin investment of 2021 injected by Tesla of US$ 1.5 Billion.

Whatever be the reason for Bitcoin’s surge, the important thing is since 2021 Bitcoin has become an investment vehicle better than Gold. Pandemic not only changed our daily lives but also made the world bestow its trust in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is an investment vehicle for everyone i.e. an investor, politician, musician, sportsman, actor as well as for common man. Those who invested in Bitcoin in 2020 are going to extract profits at unthinkable rates. This is because in March 2020, Bitcoin’s value was under US$ 5,000, however, as of today the value if above US$ 44,000.

So why would celebrities fall behind and not become part of smoothly driven Bitcoin’s bandwagon?


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