Lloyds Banking Group Seeking To Hire Crypto Manager

Major British bank’s parent company, Lloyds Banking Group, currently seeking to hire a person with the knowledge of blockchain and crypto for a Senior Manager’s post in the relevant field. The advertisement reveals that the new hiring will be assigned the task to look after the affairs of BYP Network, which is a mobile banking network having customers all over the world exceeding 30 million in numbers.

A job opening advertisement has been published on the website of BYP Network. Through this job advertisement, the mobile banking network is seeking to hire a Senior Manager, particularly from the blockchain and crypto background. It has been revealed that Lloyds Banking Group, the parent company of BYP Network, thinks that the network needs a crypto/blockchain expert.

Within the BYP Network, there was a new department incorporated in the network called “Payments Liquidity & Settlement”. For running the affairs of this new department within the BYP Network, the network has had to hire a new team. However, while the team was hired, yet the department’s manager’s post was lying vacant. It is for this very purpose that the advertisement was posted because the department needs a person who is an expert in the relevant field. It was further noticed by the Group that their global branches have been requesting that the customers demand the incorporation of cryptocurrencies. For this reason, the Group is considering hiring a Senior Manager for the advertised post.

Lloyds or its subsidiary company, BYP Network, aren’t the only ones who are looking to hire personnel from a crypto/blockchain background. In fact, throughout the world, financial institutions and consumer service providers too are weighing crypto opportunities. For instance, apart from the British banking giant, companies such as Apple Inc. and Amazon too are looking for crypto knowledge personnel. Recently, such an indication has been given by Walmart as well.

It is now becoming a global trend that more and more companies are taking interest in crypto. This is because a great deal of global investment is going into crypto. Meanwhile, the discussion regarding crypto regulation is getting serious and resultantly it is working in favor of crypto adoption.

Such were the remarks that were comprised in Lloyd’s job opening advertisement. The advertisement says that crypto regulation is helping companies like Lloyd to explore the crypto market. For them, the situation has improved a great deal and this is why many central banks of the world are willing to test CBDCs.

The job opening advertisement also reveals that the bank requires an individual with vast knowledge of blockchain and virtual assets. Particularly, those candidates will be preferred who have or had first-hand knowledge and experience of blockchain and crypto and similar technologies. The other qualities Lloyd wants to see in the candidate include knowledge of fintech services and the capability of putting up proposals and ideas.

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