Majority of Americans Are Not Aware of Bitcoin and Its Use

Half of the American population are totally unwary of cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoins, while the other half is divided into two categories namely those who are familiar but can’t describe and secondly those who fully understand, reveals Harris Poll’s findings.

A newly carried out survey has revealed that still there is a majority of people within America who do not trust digital assets. What is more surprising than the non-trust is that most of them are not aware of how Bitcoin works and what is its use. But the good thing is that at least most of them aware of what is Bitcoin and what exactly is cryptocurrencies.

But in the US corporate world, most of the people own Bitcoins and if not, then they have some other digital currency in their wallets. However, still there is a lesser minority in the famous Wall Street who owns Bitcoin or other crypto products.

With the aim of coming to know how many in the US are familiar with Bitcoin a survey was conducted under the title “Harris Poll”. The survey revealed some interest as well as shocking revelations. According to the survey, one out of 10 adults in the US was unaware of Bitcoin or in fact cryptocurrencies.

When Bitcoin’s value went beyond US$ 52,000 the data collected through Harris Poll was handed over to Bloomberg.

The survey disclosed that at least half of the US population had no clue about cryptocurrencies. Those who had some knowledge about cryptocurrencies told that they had heard the names only through friends or through adverts.

Luckily half of the population showed progressive results and it was found that 16% of them knew what cryptocurrencies are. While the rest of 28% disclosed that they have come to know of cryptocurrencies through various mediums.

The survey questioned at least 1,984 Americans which continued for three full days from 12th to 14th January. The compilation of the survey was done under the auspices of Harris Poll’s CEO, Mr. John Gerzema.

Gerzema was of the view that he found the concept of cryptocurrency in the US as “cryptic currency” instead of cryptocurrency. He said that it was Americans who gave birth to the idea of cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin. He stated in shock that he wasn’t expecting such results of the survey. It was a shocker as well as bombshell for him, said Gerzema.

It was further revealed in the survey that the US majority who luckily are familiar with cryptocurrencies do not own any. The review determined the number to be 14%. At least 61% were those, who had failed to describe and define the concept of cryptocurrencies but they were aware of crypto, however.

It is certain that those who were thinking that Americans were ahead of them in terms of cryptocurrencies are wrong. There is still a deficit amongst the US majority who either don’t understand the concept of crypto or that they do understand but do not own any.

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