Mars4 Game Raises NFT Sales To 250K in A Single Day

Mars4 is a new computer game that, as the name suggests, involves virtual exploration of Mars. However, the gameplay of this Metaverse game is ‘survival-based’. Currently, the game is selling virtual lands at Mars by providing a global opportunity for investment by investors worldwide. The developer claims that Mars4 is the first of its kind Metaverse game that would allow its NFT holders to generate revenues.

So if anyone wishes to become a landlord anywhere at Mars then the opportunity is there to grab and anticipate huge profits later on.

It has been claimed by the developers that the virtual sites on sale are exactly the same as they are at Mars in reality. The developer also claims that virtual sites have been developed in collaboration with NASA. The NFTs containing virtual lands at Mars have been issued and awaiting bidders.

It has now been confirmed by Mars4 that investors are actively participating in the bidding. In a single day, the project sold NFTs, containing virtual lands on Mars, for an amount of more than US$ 250,000.

A system called “The Epoch 1” too has been designed and made functional. The system is an AI-based system that is capable of determining the prices of lands. It will come in handy for NFT holders when they would be willing to further sell their virtual lands to interested people in the future. The system will automatically determine the market value of the land. In addition, when Epoch 2 will be launched, those who had bought lands during Epoch 1, would earn revenues up to 51%. There will be a total of 5 Epochs which will come after a certain interval.

It is expected that the prices of land in Epoch 1 will very soon be increased. There were a total of 56,000 NFTs produced for the sale of lands. Out of these 56,000 NFTs, approximately 53,000 have already been sold. Now the remaining 3,000 NFTs are likely to be sold at a higher price because of their scarcity.

As regards the game, it was told that it is under the development phase. However, in an attempt to kick-start the game, it was thought to offer the lands on sale. The game is supposed to launch its native token under the name “Mars4 Token”.

The metaverse craze has only begun recently and it will continue to grow undoubtedly in the future as well. Even banks have started to take Metaverse seriously and think that there is an ample opportunity for profit-making. So it is better worth investing today and earning huge profits in the future. After each Epoch comes into motion, the owners of NFTs will be entitled to claim their investment rewards in real hard money.

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