More Bitcoin Powered ATM Machines Installed in Several US States

The epicenter of almost everything – the US – houses more crypto-powered machines. Several States would soon be receiving approximately 115 new Bitcoin ATM machines from Bitcoin Depot.

US is the focal point of the crypto industry, in fact, it is the epicenter of all industries as well as of everything. US crypto industry is the mother of all crypto industries. But that’s not all, US is also the top country that has the privilege of housing most numbers of crypto ATM machines.

According to the latest news, it has been revealed that new ATM machines powered by crypto will be housed in various states in the US.

As per details of the news, approximately 115 fresh Bitcoin-based ATM machines will be installed in at least 24 States. The new lot of Bitcoin-based ATM machines will be provided a company called Bitcoin Depot.

Bitcoin Depot too is an American company that is growing at a rapid pace. It has a network of ATM machines that is spreading over more than 31 different states/territories of the US. Most of the ATMs installed by Bitcoin Depot can be accessed 24/7 by any crypto customer. They can be used to instantly purchase and sell cryptocurrencies at any time.

For instance, a person wishes to acquire a Bitcoin or an Ethereum, then the purchase can be carried out through Bitcoin Depot’s ATM machines. The time required to conclude the transaction is less than a minute.

There are a total of at least 1700 Bitcoin-powered ATM machines provided to different dealers across the world. All of Bitcoin Depot machines are exclusively manufactured, programmed, and tested within the company’s own warehouse.

It has been lately apprised by the company that it is about to install 115 freshly designed ATMs. It has been told that all these ATMs will be installed in at least 24 different US States. The company believes that the project of installing new machines will be concluded within a period of six months only. It is the intention of the company to expand its crypto ATM installation by at least 200% before 31st December 2021.

The top receiver US States to house Bitcoin-powered ATM machines are Alabama, Minnesota, Florida, California. Each of these States will receive 14, 13, 12, and 12 ATM machines respectively in the first phase of installation. While the rest will be housed in different States in the second phase of installation.

While making the announcement, the company’s CEO/President, Brandon Mintz remarked that crypto is an opportunity creator for people. He said that crypto is particular for those people who do not enjoy the privilege of the ordinary course of the financial system. He stated further that Bitcoin Depot manufactured ATM machines such people the liberty of having self-banking services.

He also told that their machines accept cash and can be used to sell/purchase crypto and pay bills etc.

However, no further details were provided as to which locations the rest of the machines will be installed. But the company is intending to expand its network all across the US.


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