MPOOL, SHIBAGAMES, MOM, and more Newly-Listed Cryptocurrencies and their Performance

With another new day, more cryptocurrencies have been launched into the crypto-verse. As always, it is the Binance Smart Chain that has recorded the highest number of listings. Out of the 30 most recent listings, 18 listings have been made on the Binance Smart Chain.

In the crypto-verse, the most recently added cryptocurrency is MetaPool (MPOOL) that has grown by 0.52% in the past 24-hours. Similarly, MPOOL has experienced 0.52% gains in the past hour, bringing its unit price up to $0.8408 per MPOOL. MPOOL has been launched as a staking token as well as the governance token for the Meta Pool Protocol.

For now, MPOOL is undergoing its initial coin offering (ICO) and it is expected its price may soon pick up. The trading volume observed by MPOOL since the launch is just $854 and its fully diluted market valuation is $84,082 with a unit price of $0.08408 per MPOOL. MPOOL has been launched through the Binance Smart Chain.

After MPOOL, it is Shiba Games (SHIBAGAMES) that has also been launched through the Binance Smart Chain. Since the launch, the price of SHIBAGAMES has surged by 106.67%, while it has grown by 8.57% in the past hour. Its price is currently revolving at a price of $0.000000001674 per SHIBAGAMES. The trading volume recorded on the SHIBAGAMES protocol is $880,347, while its valuation is $1,674,207.

The reason behind the high growth rate for SHIBAGAMES is its affiliation with the video gaming sector. As the investors have really high hopes for the metaverse and gaming tokens, therefore, their value is growing tremendously compared to other tokens.

Next up is Mother of Memes (MOM), which has experienced 13.79% growth in the past 24-hours, but has dipped 5.96% in the past hour. At the time of writing, Mother of Memes’ unit price is at $0.000000000205 per MOM. MOM has been listed through the Binance Smart Chain and it is currently exhibiting a trading volume worth $168,476. As for a valuation, MOM is demonstrating a figure of $20,503,315 as of the fully diluted valuation.

MOM has been launched as a meme coin, which aims to achieve a similar kind of growth and popularity as DOGE and SHIB. The cryptocurrency has also launched a rewarding system that would see it grow in demand and popularity in the upcoming days.

After MOM, it is Avapay (AVAPAY) that has demonstrated 40.73% growth in the past 24-hours. As for the past hour, AVAPAY’s price has surged by 5.04%, bringing its price up to $0.000000007226 per AVAPAY. AVAPAY has been listed through the Avalanche Network, and as of now, it has a trading volume worth $3,686,246. At present, the fully diluted valuation of AVAPAY is worth $7,775,235.

AVAPAY has been launched as a typical token that has been launched through the Avalanche blockchain for trading. The users will also be able to earn rewards in USDC as they perform trades in AVAPAY.

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