Mysterious Dogecoiner Donates Meme Coin’s Earnings to a Florida based Dog Shelter Home

Like Bitcoin, the “meme” coin, Doge, is riding the longest rally of its history. Since the business entrepreneurs and globally popular celebrities started to promote Doge, its value is on a continuous surge. In addition, it is currently one of the fastest-growing and adopted cryptocurrencies in the world.

But since the start of the present year, Dogecoin is having a blast with only a few hitches. Currently, the meme coin is being traded on for its highest price ever i.e. US$ 0.44.

It is widely believed that because Doge was being bullied therefore the society came in aid of the coin. This not only put the coin into the limelight but also brought the positivity it deserved. Yet there were other things as well, which though were tiny, but did great for increasing Doge’s popularity.

The most recent event that has been noticed by the world yesterday was charity money donated to a Florida-based dog home shelter. It was reported that a woman who has held Dogecoin was saving profits for a very long time. The unknown donator donated entire earnings which she had earned as profits on the Doge value surge. The donation was accordingly received by Halifax Humane Society, which is the caretaker and operator of the dog shelter home.

The director of the shelter facility, Barry Kukes, told Fox 6 that the donator visited the shelter facility on the past weekend. She asked him how much it cost if one were to pay for the settlement of adoption fees of each and every dog taking shelter in the home. Kukes informed that at first he was surprised but then she took her to his office. When they both came into the office and seated, then Kukes started to calculate the amount required for paying off dog adoption fees.

Kukes told further that when he told her that a particular amount is required to pay towards the adoption fee for all dogs living in the shelter. But to his surprise, the woman was already determined and on the spot donated the money required to the institute. He thanked the generous woman who also asked him for a little favor that her name shouldn’t be disclosed in public.

After collecting the donation funds, Kukes commented that the mysterious donator was an angel. He stated that she believed that she is not donating in fact she believed that this is yet another investment opportunity for her. She said that her decision to invest in Doge completely overhauled her life and now she wants to make it better than that. She told Kukes that for quite some time she had a wish to do something good to someone and that someone she found in dogs.

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