Newegg Adds Dogecoin As A Payment Option

Electronic retail store Newegg has added Dogecoin as one of its payment options years after supporting Bitcoin on the platform. The retailer added Bitcoin as a payment option in 2014, and the new trends surround Dogecoin could have influenced the platform’s plan to support the popular meme coin.

The US-based store has officially added the coin as one of its payment options. This has led to an uproar on social media as crypto enthusiasts encourage other stores to emulate Newegg’s move. The newly announced support came at a good time as the highly volatile crypto experienced more surges than ever. The popular coin is a favorite amongst many holders, making it one of the preferred assets within the space.

BitPay partners with Newegg to facilitate crypto payment

Today, the firm shared news of a partnership with a crypto-based firm, BitPay, which would facilitate the crypto-fiat transaction. The online retailer can now support the payment through BitPay’s help, encouraging digital asset adoption in the global community. Many firms have been adding cryptocurrencies as payment options to encourage and promote widespread digital asset usage.

Despite new challenges that the digital asset space faces, it remains strong and dominant in the investment industry. Asides from BitPay’s support, the retailer, decided to announce the new plans today as its Doge Day, a holiday created by members of the digital asset space.

Doge enthusiasts have numerous activities as they keep pushing the coin and encouraging its use to help it attain the $1 mark. The asset is very volatile, and that has helped holders gain incredible returns within a short while.

Dogecoin shared through its official Twitter page “We become legendary today” to mark today’s holiday. One of Newegg’s officials, Andrew Choi, the company’s senior brand manager, revealed that the crypto trend was growing impressively. Choice explained that the asset’s latest price growth makes it necessary for users and holders to purchase it.

Newegg has been supporting Bitcoin since 2014

The online store has been part of the crypto industry from its earlier years as it had accepted Bitcoin in 2014. This makes it one of the first few businesses to see Bitcoin’s potential as an investment and a currency. The business’s partnership with the crypto-related firm, BitPay started in 2014.

Since then, the exchange has facilitated the online business’ crypto payments, which led to emulation from other businesses who decided to add Bitcoin. In 2014, when the company started accepting Bitcoin payments, it was only available to American customers. Fortunately, this is no longer the case as the firm gives the payment option to most countries.

The manager explained that the firm wants to make payments accessible to customers and ensure they use the payment methods that meet their needs. He concluded by sharing that the company was happy to allow Dogecoin owners to purchase items with their coins. The asset has had a fantastic price growth within the last few days, and this made it necessary to allow users to utilize their coins.

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