NFT Market-place To Host Marvel’s Spider-Man Character Themed NFTs

With the collaboration of Orbis Blockchain Technologies Limited, the event of Veve Digital Collectibles called the “Marvel Month” on 5th August 2021, has been launched by Marvel Entertainment. The two entities are getting along together for developing the first-ever NFT featuring one of the most famous Marvel characters, Spider-Man.

There is good news for Marvel fans, particularly those who love their favorite superhero character, Spider-Man. Marvel Entertainment along with its blockchain partner, Orbis Blockchain Technologies, has decided to launch Spider-Man-themed NFTs. It was told by Marvel Entertainment that the NFT features 5 digital statues of the fan’s favorite Spider-Man character. These statues are unique and have never ever been seen before until they were contained in the NFTs. The auction of Spider-Man-themed NFTs is going to take place on 7th August 2021.

Both entities became partners in the month of June for exploring the growing NFT marketplace. Marvel Entertainment is for the first time entering into the realm of NFTs. The company wishes to sell through auction various digital collections of Marvel comprising of comic books as well as statues. The event is called the “Veve’s Marvel Month Initiative”.

Marvel Entertainment also issued a press release selling Spider-Man-themed NFTs. In the release, the details of the auction proceedings were also described. For instance, there will be 32,000 NFTs containing common Spider-Man figures for an amount of US$ 40 each. There are then 16,000 NFTs containing uncommon figures of Spider-Man. Each of these NFTs containing uncommon figures will be sold against a price of US$ 50 each. Also, there are rare, ultra-rare, and secret rare figures of Spider-Man comprised in a total of 9,000, 2,500, and 1,000 NFTs respectively. For rare, a fan will need to pay US$100, for ultra-rare US$250, and for Secret-Rare, the price is capped at US$ 400.

According to Veve and Marvel Entertainment, the launching of Spider-Man-themed NFT is only a beginning. They described that very soon the 1939 edition of Marvel Comic Issue No.1 will be sold through an NFT auction. It was further told by both of them that each NFT for this Comic will have its unique cover, which too will be rare. The format for such NFT has been told to be a “blind box”.

In a separate announcement, Marvel Entertainment also suggested that “Super-D” characters will be showcased on the application belonging to Veve. Each Super-D character will have its very own level of rarity and will be sold at a price of US$ 13.

Now that Marvel Entertainment is set to sell its first-ever NFT, it will also analyze the public response. On the other hand, its rival, DC Universe too is planning to enter into the NFT marketplace. This is going to be a great experience for the fans of both organizations.

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