NFT500 Service Set to be launched by Tapinator

As per the latest reports, Tapinator has expressed its intentions of launching a non-fungible token-based new subscription casting service. Tapinator is a famous publisher/developer of mobile games that are publicly traded. The prominent mobile games developer is based in New York City.

The firm has announced that it has come to the conclusion of adopting the non-fungible token (NFT) technology because of its promising nature and the amount of growth the industry has demonstrated.

Ever since the beginning of the current year, the non-fungible token (NFT) industry has been breaking all its previous records. The industry has been gaining a lot of prominence and adoption, especially when it comes to the digital artwork sector.

The firm has revealed that it is planning to launch NFT500 in the summer of 2021. Once launched, it will offer users and enthusiasts with NFTs that will be blue-chipped. These blue-chipped NFTs will be designed and created by the traditional and digital artists who are part of the digital artwork NFT industry.

It has been revealed that with the NFT500 application, the subscribers will have the ability to cast for traditional or digital artists. The users will be able to carry out these activities through their smartphones or devices where they will have the application installed and registered.

In order to avail and benefit from the services and features offered on the platform, the users will be able to utilize the minted NFT500 tokens. Using the NFT500 tokens, the subscribers will also be able to get discounts for purchasing the art collections that will be hosted by NFT500.

The CEO of Tapinator, Ilya Nikolayev, also talked about the recent decision that the company has made adopting the NFT technology. According to Nikolayev, at present, if the users are eager to make an NFT collection, then they need to pay untold sums.

On the other hand, the NFT500 platform will allow the subscribers to cast their favorite or preferred artists or their digital artwork and acquire them.

He stated that with the passage of time, people who are acquiring the NFTs will have digital screens installed on their walls instead of portrait frames. The collectors would love to display their acquired NFTs on these screens and change them whenever they deem necessary.

Nikolayev stated that through their platform, these collectors will no longer have to pay thousands or millions of dollars to acquire the digital artworks. Instead, they will be subscribed to the NFT500 platform and will be able to cast an NFT from an artist for as long as they want.

Tapinator is one of many tech developers that have realized the importance of adopting crypto-blockchain technology and its products. The digital NFT artwork sector has been making a lot of progress and development. Just recently, a unique digital artwork designed by a digital artist, Beeple was sold for a whopping $69 million figure.

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