Okung’s Decision of Receiving Half Of His Salary In Bitcoin Was Smart Choice

Last year in December, the globally renowned American footballer Russel Okung told his fans that he would be paid 50% of his salary in the form of Bitcoin. Okung unknowingly made the smart choice at that time as the National Football League (NFL) has just revised pay grades for its players and increased their annual salaries which is now US$ 180 Million. Okung’s fans as well as other sport lovers think that Okung is now officially the highest-paid player within NFL.

Russel Okung is today’s most loved and admired American footballer who is always in the news. He is a part of the Carolina Panthers and plays as an offensive lineman on the football field.

Another reason for his too much popularity is that he has always been a big fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He was amongst one of those players who insisted upon NFL to pay his entire salary in the form of Bitcoin.

However, he finally decided in December 2020 that 50% of his monthly salary, which is US$ 13 Million, should be paid to him in Bitcoin. This means that since December 2020 at least 6.5 Million US Dollars have been paid in Bitcoin by NFL to Okung towards his monthly salary.

Ironically, the decision of Okung of receiving half of his monthly salary in Bitcoin was a very smart decision. Clearly, since December 2020, the price of Bitcoin has surged enormously.

For example, in December, Bitcoin’s value was over US$ 30,000 and it went down under this price as well. However, as of today, Bitcoin’s value is in the historical phase and reached a price above US$ 56,000. Those who were once suggesting that Bitcoin is worthless are now regretting what they had suggested inadvertently.

It was reported today that NFL has revised monthly pay grades of football players who are playing for the League. As per the revision, the monthly salaries of each player have been increased and resultantly now the annual salary for each player is US$ 180 Million. This means that in two months, December and January, Okung received US$ 13 Million collectively as his Bitcoin salary.

Since the value of Bitcoin has almost doubled therefore his Bitcoin salary easily equals to his one month’s salary into fiat. This definitely was the best decision Okung had made which he wouldn’t regret at any time.

Another interesting thing noted by Okung’s colleagues is that according to him Okung is the highest-paid football player amongst them. He has even become the highest ever paid individual player from the Offensive Panther team.

One of his fans tweeted that Okung is without any doubt elevated above his colleagues in terms of salaries thanks to Bitcoin. The fan also suggested that now many of Okung’s colleague players should consider doing what Okung did.

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