One Of Dogecoin Developers Sporklin Has Passed Away

An announcement on Twitter from DogeCoin founder Billy Marcus stated that DogeCoin lost one of its most dedicated developers, Sporklin, on the 24th of April, due to cancer.

Marcus stated in his tweet that Sporklin had dedicated almost seven years to the development of DogeCoin. She was very passionate and motivated about her work, made sure that integrity would always remain intact and had a huge positive impact on a lot of people in the workspace. At this point, nobody knows how much work she was handling, working long hours and shifts, meanwhile carrying one of the worst diseases.

Sporklin had previously resigned after she was diagnosed with cancer back in February. She wrote a very touching message saying that all the years she had dedicated towards her work and that stepping away had brought sadness in life that she did not expect at all.

Continuing his tweet, Marcus from DogeCoin said that Sporklin was indeed “a true shibe,” often referred to as a veteran member of the DogeCoin Community and asked fellow community members to donate to cancer charities and funds.

Sporklin was worried about DogeCoin

Looking at her resignation, not only was her health critical, but she also expressed some concern over the direction that the project had taken. Sporklin said that a recent shift in the direction had made her make a critical decision and that she doesn’t blame it on anyone working on the project. Sproklin did not properly highlight the issues she was concerned with, but it seems that the issues were mainly related to the recent hype and recognition from Redditors and celebrities, which enabled DogeCoin to get an absurd increase in value.

All this hype was indeed very profitable for DogeCoin, but Sporklin had previously mentioned that this is actually harmful to the project. She also raised concern over Elon Musk’s support, saying that Elon Musk is just using DogeCoin to gain attention on social media rather than actually supporting it. Sporklin also highlighted that many of Elon Musk’s DogeCoin tweets had been deleted after posting.

Sporklin said that DogeCoin is indeed growing, but it’s losing its main purpose and functionality, which can cause it to drop by a large margin, giving rise to severe volatility, which can prove to be fatal. Her statements did seem too valid because an experienced CEO, such as Charles Hoskinson from Cardano, also mentioned the same kind of criticism related to DogeCoin.

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