“Peter Schiff In Awful Denial By Still Preferring Gold Over Bitcoin”, Says Mark Cuban

One of the famous billionaires of the world, Mark Cuban, who is also a known celebrity from a TV show called Shark Tank, thinks that given the present circumstances Bitcoin is superior to Gold. Cuban mocked known golf fanatic, Peter Schiff by suggesting that the days of gold are over and it is time for moving on.

Mark Cuban is presently one of the most influential peoples in the US who also owns a football team called the Dallas Mavericks. His football team is part of the NBA and houses some of the finest football players of the States.

Very recently, the business entrepreneur was found talking about Bitcoin and stated that he prefers Bitcoin over any other asset, including Gold. He also criticized Peter Schiff who is known for having too much affection for Gold and is also regarded as a “Gold Bug” as well.

In his criticism, he advised Schiff to move on in his life and say goodbye to his fanaticism for gold. He stated that obviously, Schiff is in an apparent denial that Bitcoin has overcome Gold and any other tangible asset. He said it is time for Schiff to forget gold and embrace Bitcoin which is far superior to Gold in the present and future times to come.

At the start of March, Schiff was found commenting on Bitcoin. He mocked Bitcoin investors and said that he feels sorry for them as they are buying Bitcoins at a price that is unequivocally pumped up. He further goes on to state that he never thought that billionaires and esteemed businessmen would ever think Bitcoin fit for investment. However, to him, he said that such investors are dumb and have lost their conscience.

The remarks of Schiff were not taken politely by most of the crypto community and Cuban was one of them. Cuban replied to Schiff’s statement by saying that if Bitcoin is pumped up then Gold too is pumped up. He added that how many men in the world love to wear jewelry made up of gold, and especially Schiff’s doesn’t wear them. Irrespective of Gold, cryptocurrencies are produce of technological advancements equipped with the potential of returning huge sums, said Cuban.

In rebuttal, Schiff pointed out that many of the Cuban football team players wear jewelry. He advised Cuban to go and ask his players as to why they are wearing gold and not silver. He then explained that Gold can be used for multiple purposes. However, the use of Bitcoin is restricted as compared with Gold. He added further that he failed to know any evident use of Bitcoin, except that it is bought and then sold.

The stiff continued between the two entrepreneurs and there were several posts on Twitter that attracted a huge audience. There wasn’t any winner between the two yet and the war of words is still continuing.

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