Planetarium To Award Developers $2.5 Million Grant Fund

Most games across the crypto scale have been able to use blockchain technology to their advantage as the world braces up for more improved technology. Blockchain has been able to help owners and used identify and verify their in-game collections, be it land, cards, or tradeable cards. In this regard, a new game that was created by Planetarium with the aid of Ubisoft is set to give users and players a new role-playing in-game feeling. In the update, the players of the game in question, Nine Chronicles, would be given the power and authority to modify the game in whichever way they want it. In doing this, users would be able to establish it on a new fork.

The developers should be able to make their edits distinct

The Planetarium has also announced that the game has gone wild as users would be able to task themselves with making use of the open-source code to edit the game in any way that they like. In a bid to woo more developers to the platform, the game developers have announced that they are giving away an accumulative grant fund of $2.5 million to creators that make precise edits and designs to the role-playing game. The community has also been tasked to use the code to edit all the fragments of the PC game from the beginning, in which case the design might be entirely different from the game or just like the game.

Just like other role-playing games that are being played online between multiple players, the game, Nine Chronicles makes use of a decentralized peer-to-peer system of operation as it does not need a centralized server to carry out its functions. If Planetarium eventually goes under, the individually edited and forked version would still be available to players worldwide.

Planetarium CEO wants to scale the game to accommodate more players

Nine Chronicles has been seen as a game with a different approach that is different from other games such as WoW. The game’s distinctness comes in the way it looks and feels, which is mostly thanks to the 2D scrolling in the combat, which enables the heroes that the users will use to conquer all enemies.

To enable more adoption, Nine Chronicles has announced that it has seen the backing of one of the heavyweights in the gaming industry, Ubisoft. Ubisoft has been known for its backing of games such as Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, and the likes. Planetarium, Ubisoft, and one other entity sometimes merged last year to form an advisory partnership. According to the CEO of Planetarium, Kijun Seo, Ubisoft has worked tirelessly to create Nine Chronicles as they have always provided excellent advice on several aspects as regards the game.

The CEO has pointed out that they are presently trying to work out the modalities to ensure that the game’s scaling is up to date so it would reach more players in the space. However, the rewards would be awarded based on each designed game’s interaction and impact, the developers mentioned.

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