Polygon To Power Ethereum-Based Crypto Games Using Chainlink

Newly-rebranded Ethereum scaling company Matic Network now known as Polygon, has announced a partnership with Chainlink made earlier this month, focusing on using its functionalities to improve Crypto games. This new multi-chain system will enable tools that can prove to be beneficial for blockchain-based game developers to implement new techniques and in-game features into their games, making them more interesting and exciting to play.

The Functionalities Of Chainlink

The Verifiable Random Function (VRF) feature by Chainlink enables smart contract functions that can benefit from the random number generation code. Crypto games can use this feature to create randomly generated elements and in-game items to make things more interesting for the player to experience. This rise in popularity of sale and purchase of in-game items has surely sparked interest in many developers and given them a chance to generate additional revenue for themselves to maintain sustainable development.

According to Chainlink, the VRF feature is built to be tamper-proof as it uses a combination of the seed and on-chain cryptography proof method of generating random numbers. Because of Chainlink’s positive reliability reputation, Nazarov states that VRF is already on its way to becoming a standard element implemented in any blockchain-based crypto game and has faith in Polygon developers to work on many more projects using this feature as it is now freely available to them.

Current Implementation And Value Of VRF

Games like Axie Infinity have already had a large-scale sale of rare in-game items gaining profit over time. Sergey Nazarov, the co-founder of Chainlink, has stated that VRF is a profitable key function that can be used by blockchain-based games and other app types to enhance their capabilities of earning additional profit. He also stated that the best developers of blockchain games have started to recognize the VRF feature as a crucial part of their game system, and it “is going to be much more important than it was in the legacy crypto gaming industry”.

Polygon And Ethereum

Polygon also uses Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solutions to remove the stress from the Ethereum Blockchain to reduce transaction fees and avoid congestion in the blockchain. The company is also reportedly taking part in supporting Ethereum in competition against other rapidly growing cryptocurrencies like Polkadot and Tether.

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