President of Russia Firmly Believes that Crypto has worth

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin was a loathed figure in the world of crypto. One of the reasons behind this was that he never had anything good to say about digital currencies initially. However, things have been changing and the Russian president has finally made statements that shine a positive light on crypto. Recently, Putin appeared in an interview where he was asked detailed questions about cryptocurrency, its use in Russia, regulations etc.

He claimed that crypto indeed has a right to be a part of trades and exchanges. In addition to that, Putin stated that crypto could eventually find an economic niche for the purposes of accumulation. For those who don’t know, Putin had an extensive word with a renowned news channel known as CNBC. He discussed in great detail energy and digital currencies. One of the interviewers asked Putin if there was any possibility of making use of crypto for export-related payments.

The answer that Putin gave made massive waves in the world of crypto. Putin started off by saying that it is rather too early to be talking about contracts funded by crypto. However, he also added that it is okay to use crypto for deals, but claimed that their stability could lead to issues down the line. The Russian president also added that using crypto for transferring funds is also a viable option. That being said, he still believed that crypto trading is a little premature, especially considering energy resource trading.

The leader of Russia was speaking to multiple media outlets for the much-awaited Energy Week in the country. Besides crypto, Putin also touched upon several other subjects like the surge of oil and gas prices all over the world. Some people believed that Putin was of the view that crypto should not exist. However, this could not be any further from the truth as Putin claimed crypto definitely has every right for existing.

Putin was also cited saying that he will be monitoring the progress of crypto as time passes. This is because he does see the potential in it and the profitability that it has to offer. He also added that tokens may eventually become something that one could accumulate as well. Nevertheless, it is too early to tell the impact crypto will make in Russia.

Needless to say, things have been changing quite rapidly in the world of crypto, especially in Russia. This is without a doubt excellent use as people thought that the Russian crypto scene would be in dire straits. With more people making investments in various crypto coins, it would be fair to say that the crypto world is thriving.

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