PrestigeCoins Review – Opening a Door to Trading for New Traders

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PrestigeCoins is an online trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrency trading. You can sign up with PrestigeCoins in the link below or read our full PrestigeCoins review to learn more.

PrestigeCoins Review

How often have you felt that you can’t join a platform because entry is very difficult? In my experience, I have noticed that the company is not trying to stop you from trading.

However, they just don’t know their market well and create a platform that does not suit their new traders. Some of these online trading platforms definitely stand out, though, and I have to talk about one in this PrestigeCoins review.

The purpose of this review is for me to tell you that if you are a new trader, you will easily enter trading on this platform. You will not have to spend a fortune, and the trading features are also designed with you in mind. Let me tell you more in the review.

Set up an Account with Ease

So, you know that the most important thing for you to look at before you sign up with a platform is its trading accounts. In addition to the types of trading accounts, you also have to look at other features, such as the minimum initial deposit requirements, before you can decide about signing up.

Setting up a trading account with PrestigeCoins is no big deal at all. You have the Standard Zone as the basic trading account that you can open with just $250. That small amount will give you access to commodities, forex currency pairs, stocks, and cryptos.

In addition, you have two more account types, and each account suits a different type of trader. The Pro Zone is meant for professionals and requires them to deposit only $2500 to start this account. The last account is named Luxury Zone, and this is where you enjoy every trading feature with luxury. Deposit $25000 to activate this account and get access to the best of every feature from this broker.

Minimum Commissions and Spreads

Once you have made up your mind about trading and also opened an account, the next thing you must consider is the amount of money that you will be giving the broker every time you trade. You will be surprised to know how much of the profit you make on trade goes away through service charges, fees, and commissions.

However, you will love that PrestigeCoins cares about its traders and gives them some really flexible trading conditions. The commissions on your trades can be as small as just $5. In addition, if you go with the basic account, i.e., Standard Zone, you will get some assets for trading without any spreads.

The spreads are also very competitive on this platform when you compare it with other platforms that provide you with the same services. The maximum commission you will pay on a lot when trading is $10. Even the highest starting point of spreads on this platform is 1.0 pips.

Plenty of Training and Assistance

Get all the help you need and deserve when you sign up with PrestigeCoins. When it comes to training, you have plenty of training materials that comprise eBooks and videos.

You can learn by watching videos or reading eBooks at a pace that suits you. In addition to that, you will get training in the form of one-on-one training sessions as well as webinars.

The best part is that you have an account manager to help you as soon as you join the platform. It does not matter which account you pick, you will have an account manager to provide you with trading direction.

Final Thoughts

The biggest concerns you can have when you join an online trading platform are the amount of money you will have to spend and the value you will get in return.

I think PrestigeCoins offers great value to its traders whether you look at the trading platform, the convenience of trading on the platform, or the trading conditions that help every type of trader progress.

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