Price Analysis Crypto Inu (ABCD), WEB3Land (WEB3), and CryptoCars (CCAR)

The value of Crypto Inu (ABCD) has reportedly observed a great surge in the past 24-hours. According to an analysis for Crypto Inu by TradingView, the price of Crypto Inu has reportedly surged by 112.30% in the past 24-hours. After the surge, the trading price of Crypto Inu has surged up to $0.00000006413 per ABCD.

If the investors keep going for high investments, then the price of Crypto Inu may grow up to $0.0000001361 per ABCD. As the RSI for Crypto Inu moves into the positive territory, then Crypto Inu’s price may grow up to $0.0000002262 per ABCD. The $0.0000002262 is the second strong resistance mark for Crypto Inu, the bears may increase their selling pressure to compete with bulls.

However, if the bulls prevail against the bear, then they will have a situation in their control. This way, the bulls may push the price of Crypto Inu up to $0.0000003025.

The next cryptocurrency making its name as a high gainer in the past 24-hours is WEB3Land (WEB3) which has observed a 70.35% rally in the past 24-hours. Due to the strong rally, the price of WEB3Land has grown up to $0.003724 per WEB3.

For now, it seems that the investors are willing to boost the price of WEB3Land, and they aim to do it by increasing their buying power. This way, the investors may find success in pushing WEB3Land’s price up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.006343).

As the price of WEB3Land surges, more investors may keep coming in with more buying power. This would trigger another strong rally in favor of WEB3Land, elevating its price up to the second strong resistance mark ($0.008592).

If the buying strength of the investors grows in favor of the bullish path, then the price of WEB3Land would eventually move up to $0.01010.

CryptoCars (CCAR) is also on the high road where it is observing a lot of growth in its unit value in the past 24-hours. The price of CryptoCars has reportedly surged by the strong buying power of the investors. As a result, the price of CryptoCars has swelled to $0.07143 in the past 24-hours. CryptoCars has reportedly hit the price mark observing a 157.70% rally in this particular period of time.

The moving averages of CryptoCars are constantly growing higher and if the bears are not able to cause any impact, then CryptoCars’ price may rise up to $0.1840 per CCAR.

Even if the power of the rallies continues to die down but they keep coming in waves, then CryptoCars’ price may rise up to $0.3292 per CCAR. If the support from investors continues to grow in favor of CryptoCars, then its price may rise up to $0.4590.

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