Price Analysis for Axie Infinity Shows It May Grow to $186.94 or Dive Down to $49.51

At the time of writing, the price of Axie Infinity (AXS) is revolving around $109.70. The data from CoinMarketCap shows that its price has surged by 21.02% in the past 7-days and 2.35% in the past 24-hours.

The performance scale for AXS from TradingView shows that the general sentiment of investors surrounding the asset is bullish. This means that in the upcoming days, more investors may attempt to buy as many AXS as possible.

The demand scale for AXS shows that its current sell:neutral:buy ratio is revolving around 4:10:12. The ratio provides reassurance to the investors that AXS is currently far from experiencing a bearish trend.

The current price for AXS suggests that it may not be easy at all for the bears to be able to pull the price of AXS in the lower figure. Therefore, the price of AXS may continue growing to new heights and become more profitable for investors in the upcoming days.

If the bulls continue with their efforts, they may be able to push its price over the $132.81 per AXS price, which is the first strong resistance mark for AXS.

At this point, the bears may put a lot of pressure by launching a selling spree against the digital asset. They may attempt pulling its price but the bulls are highly likely to sustain the pressure. Doing so would eventually help bulls push their price all the way up to the second strong resistance mark.

At the time of publishing, the second strong resistance mark for AXS is $158.63. This may again prove to be a benchmark where the bulls may need to increase their buying power to fight against the bears.

If the bears fail to keep up with the bulls, the bulls may succeed in pushing AXS’s price higher. As a result, the price of AXS may be pushed all the way up to the third strong resistance market ($186.94).

In case the bears manage to rally against the bulls and are able to increase their selling power, they may be able to pull it below $95.32. This is where the investors may start losing their confidence in keeping up with the bears and they may also join bears.

As a result, the bears may be able to pull the price of AXS further down to $68.36. The bears going for increased sales of AXS may force the bulls to stop buying AXS and may end up moving into the bearish zone.

If that happens, then the price of AXS may continue experiencing another major dip and as a result, its price may fall down to $49.51.

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