Price Analysis for Biswap (BSW), and Zelwin (ZLW)

On the list of BSC-based cryptocurrencies, it is Biswap (BSW) that has demonstrated the highest growth in the past 7-days. The data shows that Biswap’s price has surged by 75.04% in the past 7-days, and it has surged by 5.90% in the past 24-hours. Following the surges, the price of BSW is now at $1.69 per BSW.

When it comes to the trading volume for Biswap, it can be observed that it has plummeted by 19.74%, coming down to $50,580,189. In the cryptocurrency analysis, it is a common observation that whenever the price of crypto grows for a long time, it tends to have plummeting trading volume.

This is a demonstration from the investors’ end showing that they are buying the cryptocurrency at a high rate and the selling is very minute. This is exactly what Biswap is observing at the moment, as its price is currently growing higher and its trading volume is going lower.

Even the past 30-day performance for Biswap is in the positive direction, demonstrating 40.19% growth in the particular period. As the past seven-day growth is higher than the past 30-day growth, it means that the bulls have intensified their purchasing power.

This means that in the upcoming days, the price of Biswap may continue rising and experience a surge. For now, the bears are not interfering with their selling and Biswap is experiencing an upward trend. However, the performance chart for Biswap shows that it may end up losing the support of bulls as it comes close to the $1.90 figure.

It is expected that the bears may demonstrate a lot of resistance when Biswap comes close to the $1.90 figure. Therefore, it is currently the strong resistance point for Biswap. However, the relative strength index is also in favor of the bullish trend. This means that Biswap may continue growing higher despite the pressure.

However, Biswap may end up losing its steam as it reaches the $2.00 figure and the bears may come in action, launching a mass-selling. If that happens, then they will attempt to bring its price down to $1.5 per BSW.

Then it is Zelwin (ZLW) that is also demonstrated high growth on the BSC network in the past 7-days. It has grown by 52.88% in the past seven days and 5.90% in the past 24-hours. Still, his performance in the past 30-days has been 9.23% negative. For now, Zelwin is also experiencing the same trend as Biswap but it may not be able to gain the same privilege as Biswap having a long-term bull-run.

The bears may soon push to bring its price lower and given the current price of Zelwin ($2.74), they may attempt to bring it down to $2.50. On the contrary, Zelwin may face strong resistance at $2.80, but if it manages to cross it, it may be looking forward to hitting the $3.00 per ZLW mark.

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