Price Analysis of Adventure Gold (AGLD) and Efinity Token (EFI)

Adventure Gold

Adventure Gold has been (AGLD) has been setting many high scores in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have been showing high interest in its acquisition. In the past 24-hours, the bulls have formed a 19.13% rally, which has pushed its price higher from a low mark.

Before the bulls formed a strong rally, the price of Adventure Gold exhibited a low price of $1.72 per share. Although the bulls tried their best to hit and cross the price of $1.80 per AGLD, the bears did not let it happen.

They constantly sold Adventure Gold at a high rate, which continued pushing the bulls to the support marks. However, the bulls formed a rally, which resulted in pushing the price of Adventure Gold to a high of $2.02 per AGLD.

Even now, the trading volume for Adventure Gold continues surging, demonstrating strong acquisition sentiments of the buyers. So far, the trading volume for Adventure Gold has elevated to $80,628,598 after experiencing a 402.34% push.

The market valuation of Adventure Gold has also been pushed by 19.13% in the past 24-hours, and it is currently at $142,117,073.

At the moment, the RSI for Adventure Gold is at 86.04 and the ultimate oscillators are at 68.913. The technical indicators are also pointing towards a bullish trend, which would push Adventure Gold’s price to $2.56 per AGLD.

If the determination of the bulls keeps rising in acquiring more Adventure Gold, then the price of Adventure Gold may rise to $2.81 per AGLD.

Efinity Token

The price of Efinity Token (EFI) is also in the bullish zone, as the investors have been acquiring Efinity Token at a high level. Even now, the rally that the bulls have maintained has been 15.69%, which has elevated its value up to $0.5369 per EFI.

As the momentum keeps growing, the value of Efinity Token may continue growing higher. As the bulls currently prefer acquiring more Efinity Token, then the price of Efinity Token may rise up to $0.7678 per EFI. Going forward, the bulls may grow even stronger in terms of their acquisition potential, pushing its price up to $1.01 per EFI.

Looking at the negative side, if the bears kick off a selling spree and do not let the bulls push over the $0.5369 per EFI price, then it may drag to the lower side.

If that happens, the bears may try and push Efinity Token below the $0.5000 per EFI mark. If they succeed in doing that, they will attempt to bring Efinity Token below the $0.4560 per EFI mark with strong selling spree. If the RSI and the moving averages of Efinity Token turn more bearish, then Efinity Token’s price may plunge to $0.4203 per EFI.

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