Price Analysis of Baby Pokemoon (BPM) and DeSpace (DSE)

Baby Pokemoon – 56.66% Surge

On March 14, the value of Baby Pokemoon (BPM) was at a low of $0.0957 per BPM. However, the bulls rallied in favor of Baby Pokemoon and started pushing harder against the bears. In the past 24-hours, the bulls have formed a 56.66% rally, which has resulted in elevating the value of Baby Pokemoon up to its current price ($0.3362 per BPM).

It is being expected that the rally may continue even after 24-hours, and if it remains constant, then the price of Baby Pokemoon may get pushed up to $0.4314 per BPM.

If more investors keep going for higher gains, the value and the trading volume for Baby Pokemoon may surge. The trading volume for Baby Pokemoon has pushed up to $233,723, following a 94.96% surge.

If the bulls continue with their rally, the price of Baby Pokemoon may get pushed up to the second resistance mark ($0.4925 per BPM).

As the RSI and moving averages for Baby Pokemoon ascend into the bullish channel, its value may surge to the third resistance mark ($0.5275 per BPM).

If the selling power of the bears wins against the bulls, then the price of Baby Pokemoon may plunge to the strong support channel. If the bears keep increasing their selling power, the price of Baby Pokemoon may get pushed down to $0.3025 per BPM.

As the selling spree of the bears increases, the price of Baby Pokemoon may dip to $0.2723 per BPM. If the bears keep up with the selling spree, then the moving averages and the RSI for Baby Pokemoon may also plunge into the negative channel.

Such behavior from the bears may result in pushing Baby Pokemoon’s price down to the third strong support channel ($0.2450 per BPM).

DeSpace – 55.73%

DeSpace is also moving in the bullish zone as the buyers have started accumulating it on a high level. For a long time, the bears kept selling DeSpace, keeping it below the $0.0000009000 per DSE.

While the trend kept turning bearish for DeSpace, the bulls kept initiating rallies at a lower level. Finally, the bulls launched a 55.73% rally, which resulted in pushing the price of DeSpace over the $0.0000009000 barrier.

The data from CoinMarketCap shows that the value of DeSpace went all the way up to $0.000001728 per DSE. As the bulls keep pressing against the bears, they may continue pushing them out of the competition. This would result in hitting high resistance marks for DeSpace in near future.

As a result, the value of DeSpace may grow up to the first strong resistance checkpoint ($0.000002209 per DSE). As the bulls keep acquiring more DeSpace, then the value of DeSpace may rise to $0.000002517, and then $0.000002693 per DSE.

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