Price Analysis of COXSWAP (COX) and TenUp (TUP)

In the past 24-hours, the investors have rallied up to launch a strong rally in favor of COXSWAP (COX). As per data, the investors have managed to launch a 90.78% rally in favor of COXSWAP, while supporting the bulls. As of now, the price of COXSWAP is hovering around $0.000000008177 per COX.

This really goes to show that the investors are determined to leave a positive impact on the price of COXSWAP. They would attempt to bring its price up to the first strong resistance point which is $0.00000001047 per COX.

If the investors remain strong and keep fighting the bears off, they may succeed in pushing COXSWAP’s price up to $0.00000001267 per COX. If more investors start coming aboard the rally cruise in favor of COXSWAP, then its price may rise up to $0.00000001478 per COX.

In case the rally ends up giving up on pushing the price of COXSWAP any further, then the bears may start pressuring the investors. Their pressure would come in the form of a strong selling spree that would push the price of COXSWAP lower.

If the bears keep building their selling pressure, then they may succeed in lowering the price of COXSWAP down to $0.000000006047 per COX. If the sentiments of the investors no longer remain in the positive territory, then COXSWAP’s price may start plunging even more.

In that case, the price of COXSWAP may end up plunging to $0.000000005179 per COX. At this point, the bears will have the situation in their control and they may start selling COXSWAP on a much higher scale than a normal one.

If that happens, then the price of COXSWAP may get pushed down to the third strong support mark that is currently sitting at $0.000000004571 per COX.

It seems that the investors are generally bullish for any cryptocurrency they come across. This is what has worked in favor of TenUp (TUP), thus, an 87.64% rally has been launched pushing its price higher.

As of now, the 24h rally has helped in bringing the price of TenUp to its current value of $0.1309. The performance analysis scale shows TenUp is currently siding with the bulls, where more than 70% of the investors are willing to buy TenUp.

This means that the buying sentiments of the investors are much higher as compared to the selling sentiments of the investors. Therefore, the positive sentiments may work in favor of the bulls in pushing TenUp’s price up to $0.2622 per TUP.

If the investors keep supporting the bulls, and they keep their aims higher than the $0.2700 mark, then TenUp’s price may be pushed higher. In the best-case scenario, the price of TenUp may be pushed up to $0.4056 per TUP.

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