Price Analysis of Ekta (EKTA) and KIKO INU (KIKO)

The price of Ekta (EKTA) has reportedly surged by 90.40% in the past 24-hours. The value examination surrounding Ekta suggests that after the surge, Ekta has elevated to $2.92 per EKTA. This is a clear demonstration of strong bullish sentiments from the side of the investors.

Their buying power is constantly rising given the recent surge and the investors are trying their best to keep the momentum alive. This would help in pushing the price of Ekta even higher, which is clear from a 151.70% surge in the trading volume for Ekta. As of now, the trading volume for Ekta is now up to $353,341.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may try and use the positive sentiments of the investors to their advantage. They may keep buying Ekta in order to attract more investors to their side to keep the rally going.

If the rally continues, then the price of Ekta may rise up to its first resistance checkpoint which is $5.55 per EKTA. This would trigger another strong sentiment inside the investors who would want to benefit from the bullish trend.

Therefore, the investors may continue pouring in more money towards Ekta’s high gains. This would trigger a rally to push Ekta all the way up to its second strong resistance mark ($6.81).

From this particular point, the investors may try and push Ekta’s price all the way up to a strong pivot checkpoint. The bulls may want to bring Ekta to a figure where its psychological support benchmark also rises.

The bulls may also be keeping the price correction factor in mind and in order to keep Ekta on a good track, they may try to push it up to $7.53.

Then come the negative sentiments of the investors that point in the downward trend. If the bears start pushing the price of Ekta in the downward direction, it may dip to its first strong support mark of $2.59.

As the pressure starts building up from the bears’ end, the price of Ekta may plummet to $2.28, followed by another dip down to $1.98.

KIKO INU (KIKO) is another high-performing cryptocurrency in the entire crypto-verse. The data suggests that the price of KIKO INU has moved up to $0.0000008755 per KIKO, observing a 37.75% 24h rally.

In case the investors are able to keep the rally going for a significant amount of time, then KIKO INU’s price may elevate to $0.000001206. Over time, it is expected that the sentiments of the investors may surge, bringing its unit price up to $0.000001433.

For now, the RSI for KIKO INU is hovering lower within the positive territory. It suggests that KIKO INU may still observe a rise in its price that may come up to $0.000001569.

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