Price Analysis of First Ever NFT (FEN), veDAO (WEVE), and ElonBank (ELONBANK)

First Ever NFT (FEN) – 68.63% Price Push

If we look at the price analysis report for First Ever NFT, we see that the digital asset had recorded a 68.63% price push in just a 24-hour time period. The bulls continued pouring high stacks of cash in order to buy as much First Ever NFT as possible.

This resulted in forming a 68.63% rally, subsequently, pushing the price of First Ever NFT to a high of $0.0009894 per FEN.

Even after the push, the bulls are showing no signs of slowing down and they may continue pushing First Ever NFT harder. Their constant buying has also resulted in pushing the trading volume of First Ever NFT by 903.04%.

If the trend continues, the price of First Ever NFT may continue getting pushed higher. In the upcoming days, the price of First Ever NFT may grow up to a high of $0.001435 per FEN. With the sentiments of the investors constantly growing more positive, the price of First Ever NFT may surge to $0.001832 per FEN.

veDAO (WEVE) – 68.54% Price Push

veDAO is also among the most trending cryptocurrencies having experienced a 68.54% rally in the past 24-hours. The sheer determination of the bulls with constant support coming from the investors has managed to form such a strong rally.

It is because of the rally that the price of veDAO has managed to be pushed up from a low of $0.01234 per WEVE to a high of $0.02345 per WEVE.

The investors have been going for stronger bullish runs and they are aiming to push veDAO to higher benchmarks.

Their aim is to push veDAO all the way up to the resistance lane, where they can achieve bigger goals. By increasing their buying power and keeping the rally alive for an ample amount of time, the bulls may try and push veDAO to a high of $0.03658 per WEVE.

As the bulls keep demonstrating high buying potential versus the bears, the price of veDAO may grow up to a high of $0.04115 per WEVE.

ElonBank (ELONBANK) – 68.27% Price Push

ElonBank has also witnessed a strong march of bullish investors on its protocol in the past 24-hours. The price analysis for ElonBank suggests that the bulls have built up strong defenses against the strong selling powers of the bears.

They are now pushing the price of ElonBank against the bears and are aiming to elevate it in the upcoming days. So far, the bulls have formed a 68.27% rally bringing ElonBank up to $7.47 per ELONBANK.

As the momentum continues growing in favor of ElonBank and the bulls keep pouring money with stronger sentiments, the price of ElonBank may elevate to $8.24 per ELONBANK.

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