Price Analysis of PumpETH (PETH) and WIMI (WIMI)

PumpETH (PETH) has proven to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies for investors. In the past 24-hours, PumpETH’s value has went skyrocket at a rate of 9168.30%. If we go back a few days, we would witness a unit price of $0.00000006267 per PETH for PumpETH.

However, the tremendous rally formed by the bulls in the past 24-hours has elevated PumpETH’s value to $0.00000126 per PETH.  The trading volume for PumpETH is also hovering over the $90k figure, and given the current rally, it may continue surging.

As of now, the interest of the investors is to keep supporting the bulls and see where the price of PumpETH lands at. For now, the data suggests that the value of PumpETH may get pushed to $0.00005902 per PETH.

It is expected that very soon, the RSI for PumpETH may move above the midline, supporting the bullish run. This would result in another major push being given to PumpETH’s value. If the bulls keep increasing adding more fuel to the acquisition process, PumpETH may end up reaching $0.0007354 per PETH.

The bears may try to resist at the second strong resistance mark ($0.0007354) but the bulls may not lose their confidence. They may continue pushing the price of PumpETH higher with their buying power. If the rally stays put for a longer period of time, then PumpETH may hit the third strong resistance mark.

At the time of writing, the third resistance benchmark for PumpETH is at $0.002842. If the bulls succeed in driving the bears out of the competition at $0.0007354, they may find it easier to hit the $0.002842.

It is being expected that while the rally stays put, the bears may continue exerting high pressure from their end. Their efforts are to drive the trendline for PumpETH into the negative territory. If the bears somehow, manage to deflect the rally, they may start pulling PumpETH into the lower figures.

The PumpETH bears may attempt to bring down to its first support zone of $0.000001008 per PETH. If the bears keep intensifying their selling efforts, then the bulls will have no other option but to withdraw. This would result in pulling PumpETH’s value down to $0.0000008164 per PETH.

WIMI (WIMI) has also observed a 216.57% rally in the past 24-hours. After a strong competition between the bulls and the bears, it is the bulls that have prevailed. During their reign, the price of WIMI has grown up to $0.00000003712 per WIMI.

With strong positive sentiments, the investors may continue backing the bulls and as a result, the value of WIMI may continue rising. In the upcoming days, the price of WIMI may grow up to $0.00000009220 and then to $0.000001606 per WIMI.

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