Price Analysis of Ruff (RUFF) and Indexed Finance (NDX)

Ruff Price Swelled by 58.88%

The price of Ruff was reportedly at a low of $0.001466 per RUFF just a day back before the bulls decided to push the bears back. For a long time, the bears had managed to run the trend for Ruff and they had caused enough losses to the investors.

However, the bulls attempted a strong push from their end in the form of a strong buying spree. This resulted in pushing the price of Ruff up by 58.88%.

Over time, the sentiments of the investors have continued growing stronger. They are still highly determined to invest in Ruff than preferring to sell it. This means that the bulls can use such market sentiments in their favor.

At the time of writing, the trading price of Ruff is worth $0.002551 per RUFF. From the looks of it, the investors are not willing to let the trend go out of their hands.

They may continue acquiring Ruff on a higher scale in order to achieve high price marks for Ruff. In the upcoming days, the price of Ruff grows up to a high of $0.003608 per RUFF. This would only prove to be a strong launching mark for Ruff.

From there, the bulls may continue pushing with a strong buying power, with aim of pushing Ruff to higher marks. With the momentum constantly building in favor of the bullish run for Ruff, the price of Ruff may rise up to $0.004014 per RUFF.

By the time Ruff reaches the $0.004014 mark, which would prove to be a strong turning point for Ruff. From there, the investors my continue increasing the buying power for Ruff, with aim of pushing its RSI and other technical factors into a more bullish zone. This would result in pushing the price of Ruff to a high of $0.006239 per RUFF.

Indexed Finance Price Swelled by 58.50%

The Indexed Finance investors are also in very high spirits as they are constantly buying Indexed Finance in the past 24-hours. It is due to their strong buying that the price of Indexed Finance has elevated by 58.50%. At the time of writing, the trading price of Indexed Finance is worth $1.67 per NDX.

The trading volume for Indexed Finance has also experienced a huge 921.08% surge, bringing it up to $384,640.

As the momentum for Indexed Finance continues to grow stronger, the trading price for Indexed Finance may grow up to a high of $1.99 per NDX.

Going forward, even more buying power maybe shown off by the bulls, which would eventually raise the price of Indexed Finance to a high mark. The next high mark the bulls may achieve with their strong buying power would be $2.36 per NDX.

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