Price Analysis of Savanna (SVN) and Convergence (CONV)

Savanna (SVN)

Savanna’s price has experienced an 18.48% push in the past 24-hours, and it has set it on the bullish track. So far, the value of Savanna has risen from a low of $1.78 per SVN to all the way up to $2.09 per SVN.

Even the trading volume and the valuation for Savanna have recorded an uplift in the past 24-hours. The RSI and the moving averages for Savanna are also in the bullish zone.

This means that Savanna is currently experiencing a high trend and its value may continue rising if the investors’ sentiments remain strong. The data suggests that the bears are still exerting a lot of selling pressure over the bulls to drag Savanna’s price below $2.09.

If the bulls do not give up and continue recording high support from the investors, the price of Savanna may continue rising. Going forward, the price of Savanna may surge to a high price of $2.28 per SVN.

Although the bears may come up with their selling attacks from time to time, the bulls may continue winning if their determination is stronger. This way, the value of Savanna may surge to a high price of $2.49 per SVN.

As more momentum builds up and the investors show no signs of backing down, the price of Savanna may continue rising. For now, the data suggests that the peak target the bulls have is worth $2.72 per SVN. If things keep working out in favor of the bulls, they may continue moving forward with their march.

On the contrary, the bears may succeed in pushing the bulls back from their position. They may do it by exerting an even higher pressure than they have in the past. This way, they may pull the price of Savanna below $2.00 per SVN.

If their effort is fruitful, it would see the price of Savanna going down to the strong support territory. In order to reach the strong support zone, the strong defense they may have to cross with stronger selling power would be $1.52 per SVN.

Convergence (CONV)

Convergence is also experiencing a strong uplift, and its price has grown by 16.65% in the past 24-hours. The trading volume and the valuation for Convergence are also confirming that Convergence is experiencing a positive trend.

At the time of writing, the value of Convergence is at a high of $0.006187 per CONV. If the bulls keep on adding more Convergence to their portfolios, then the price of Convergence may surge to $0.00702 per CONV.

With such a high rally, the moving averages and the RSI for Convergence may also move into the bullish zone. This would help in elevating the price of Convergence to a high of $0.007865 per CONV.

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