Price Analysis of Silva Token (SILVA) and CryptoRockets (CROCKET)

Silva Token (SILVA) and CryptoRockets (CROCKET) are two cryptocurrencies that are the talk of the day due to their high gains in the past 24-hours. These cryptocurrencies have been performing really well in the past 24-hours, and the investors are rallying to these cryptocurrencies for higher gains. With their values constantly surging, an analysis is in order to find out exactly what the future holds for these cryptocurrencies

Silva Token (SILVA) Observes 90.95% Increment

On March 1, the value of Silva Token exhibited a low value of $0.0000000013 per SILVA. However, the bears tried hard to push the price of Silva Token even lower by increasing sales for Silva Token. Then on March 3, the sellers intensified their selling activity, which led to Silva Token falling to a low price of $0.000000000656 per SILVA.

However, the bulls were not ready to give up that easily, as they started building the momentum to launch their counter against the bears. Finally, the bulls launched their attack in the past 24-hours, which resulted in a 90.95% rally. As a result, Silva Token has been pushed up to $0.000000001676 per SILVA.

For now, the bulls have complete control over the Silva Token market, which means they may keep driving Silva Toke into the ascending channel. Subsequently, the value of Silva Token may rise to $0.000000002438 per SILVA.

The bears may try and push back with their selling spree to lower the confidence of the bulls. If the bulls do not falter, the price of Silva Token may grow up to another resistance mark ($0.000000002992 per SILVA).

As the RSI for Silva Token grows over 65.71, the price of Silva Token may grow higher at a fast rate. The current data predicts that the price of Silva Token may get pushed up to $0.000000003673 per SILVA.

CryptoRockets (CROCKET) Observes 163.22% Increment

Although CryptoRockets is currently exhibiting a high price, it wasn’t the case by the end of last week. On the 6th of March, CoinMarketCap recorded that the value of CryptoRockets was at a low of $0.0003928 per CROCKET. However, the bulls formed a 163.22% rally, which has pushed CryptoRockets to a high of $0.0007428 per CROCKET.

The trading volume for CryptoRockets has also been pushed up by 59.20%, bringing its 24h volume up to $397,609.

The momentum is also building up tremendously in favor of CryptoRockets, as the bulls have been applying high buying force. This would go on to push the value of CryptoRockets to newer heights, bringing it up to $0.001348 per CROCKET.

Subsequently, the bulls may increase their buying power, which would work out perfectly in pushing the price of CryptoRockets over $0.001899 per CROCKET. From there, the price of CryptoRockets may get pushed up to the third resistance mark of $0.002287 per CROCKET.

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