Price Analysis of TenUp (TUP), Metaverse VR (MEVR), and Propy (PRO)

In today’s list of cryptocurrencies demonstrating high gains, the cryptocurrencies demonstrating very high gains are TenUp, Metaverse VR, and Propy. All three (TUP, MEVR, & PRO) have demonstrated really high gains in the past 24-hours, and their performances may continue growing stronger as time passes.

Let us go through the performance of TUP, MEVR, and PRO to compare their past trends with the upcoming trends.

TenUp – 232.38% Surge

Before the investors had gathered around TenUp to form a strong buying spree, the price of TenUp was at a low of $0.03285 per TUP. Although the sellers attempted to keep TenUp’s price low the investors were not ready to let it go.

They joined forces with the bulls and attempted to retaliate against the bears. Finally, the retaliation launched by the investors with positive intentions paid off, and a 232.38% rally was formed. Due to the rally, the trading price for TenUp ended up growing up to $0.1074 per TUP.

Even now, the investors are aiming to continue with the trend and push TenUp into the strong resistance zone. If the investors succeed in pushing the rally, the price of TenUp may grow up to a high of $0.2586 per TUP.

As the moving averages and other growth factors fall into the bullish zone, then the price of TenUp may grow even more within the resistance zone. The data suggests that with strong buying power, the bulls may try and push TenUp up to $0.3259 per TUP.

Metaverse VR – 138.99% Surge

Metaverse VR’s price was also at a low trading value before the investors managed to launch a strong and energetic march. The trading price for Metaverse VR was at a low of $0.01548 per MEVR.

However, the bulls successfully formed a 138.99% rally, which resulted in pushing the price of Metaverse VR to a high of $0.03685 per MEVR.

As the momentum for Metaverse VR continues to grow stronger, then the price of Metaverse VR may grow up to a high of $0.06024 per MEVR.

Going forward, as more investors continue adding more value to the cause, then the price of Metaverse VR may surge to $0.08285 per MEVR.

Propy – 134.95% Surge

Propy has also experienced a great surge in the past 24-hours. So far, the price of Propy has surged by 134.95%. Due to the rally, the price of Propy has grown up to a high of $3.41 per PRO.

If the momentum continues growing strong for Propy, then more investors would want to become part of the trend. This would result in elevating the price of Propy to a high benchmark. The particular milestone that the investors may try and hit with their strong buying power would be $4.39 per PRO.

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