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QuantBitex is an online trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, if you don’t have time or knowledge enough for day trading QuantBitex is a good choice for you as the broker offers investment account with auto trading technology. You can sign up with QuantBitex in the link below or read our full QuantBitex review to learn more.

QuantBiex Review

Ever since the launch of the first cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” since 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has been thriving and gathering constant adoption. However, when it first launched, the cryptocurrency industry faced a hard-time gaining the trust of investors and online investors. Being the youngest and the only decentralized trading instrument in the online trading markets, cryptocurrency industry had a huge challenge in front of it.

The first challenge it faced was to convey its ideology to the online trading community. The second challenge was to make investors believe that it was a trustworthy and a long-term financial solution that had the ability to rise up to the level of traditional financing. Finally, the challenge was to gain mainstream success and adoption.

Broker QuantBitex
Website https://www.quantbitex.com/
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Style Automated (Financial Advisor-backed)
Trading Accounts Four (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Annual Savings Up to 9%
No-interest Loan Up to 40% of Deposit
Minimum deposit 250 EUR
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Customer Service 24/5

How was Crypto-Trading in the Beginning?

When the cryptocurrency trading platform was introduced, it took time for the instrument to gain recognition and adoption from the investors. Therefore, at the very start of the cryptocurrency trading, there were not many cryptocurrencies, users, or crypto-markets that needed monitoring, data-gathering, or other analysis.

With very few investors and cryptocurrencies to handle, the cryptocurrency exchanges that were introduced had all the time to cater to the needs and the requirements of their investors. The analysts, expert traders, and developers at the crypto-exchanges had all the time in the world to focus on the investors individually and monitor their crypto-activities.

How the Dynamics Changed in the Cryptocurrency Markets?

As the cryptocurrency industry was not that much populated in the beginning, the cryptocurrency exchanges spent all their efforts and resources towards the betterment of their investors. This resulted in the cryptocurrency investors gaining a lot of profits and benefits.

With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry started gaining more trust and adoption from the investors and the cryptocurrency industry started picking up at the same pace as the rest of the online trading platforms.

A platform that once had only a few cryptocurrency assets to handle, now had more than 2,000. At the start, the cryptocurrency industry only had a few hundred thousand users that grew up to more than 100 million active-unique users As far as the cryptocurrency exchanges and markets are concerned, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges increased from a handful to more than six hundred and the cryptocurrency markets became overpopulated.

How Things Started Falling Apart for the Cryptocurrency Trading?

With so many cryptocurrencies being introduced, so many users adopting the cryptocurrency trading, and the transaction flow shooting through the billion dollar volumes, made things extremely difficult. For the first time, the cryptocurrency exchanges found themselves challenged and tested to their limits. With so much investments coming in and number of users joining the platform every passing day, the cryptocurrency exchanges could no longer focus on one investor at a time.

This is when the investors in the cryptocurrency industry started facing a lot of losses and failures with their stakes and started expressing their concerns and discontent. As the cryptocurrency industry was just eleven years old, even the experts and analysts in the crypto-space were not as polished as the individuals from other trading instruments.

As the dynamics of the cryptocurrency markets changed drastically, these experts found it extremely difficult to run the game all by themselves. With an enormous amount of data flowing through the cryptocurrency markets and thousands of cryptocurrency assets rotating, it became practically impossible for the investors to process all the data manually. It became impossible for the analysts and expert traders to analyze the markets on their own and provide signals to the investors based on their findings.

Introduction of Crypto-Bots

With the lack of information and lack in the analysis of the assets led to the cryptocurrency exchanges providing investors with insufficient information. Facing too many losses and failures, the investors started shifting to different trading instruments.

This is when the cryptocurrency exchanges came up with a solution that was to develop bots that had the ability to make the lives of the cryptocurrency exchanges easier. Developed with high-end tools, algorithms, and sophisticated calculations, these crypto-bots were equipped with everything necessary to generate signals/suggestions for the users. These bots were developed to gather information from the crypto-markets, analyze the data, run test scenarios, and generate trading signals, which would then be sent over to the investors for consideration.

However, these trading bots were only limited to performing these actions based on the data collected. Although these bots were created to generate signals for the users, yet they proved to be more beneficial for the cryptocurrency exchanges. With these crypto-bots in place, the exchanges no longer had to dedicate many resources in order to analyze the markets and generate signals as the bots were already taking care of this task.

QuantBitex’s Trading Bot

This is when QuantBitex made its presence known by going an extra mile and provide investors the convenience of trading. These bots are not only capable of collecting/analyzing data and generating signals based on numerous tests, they are fully capable of performing all trading activities on their own. These bots have been designed and developed with the highest level of technology and the most complex algorithmic frameworks to ensure that they never miss a thing while trading.

With the QuantBitex’s trading bots in place, you no longer have to worry about spending even a minute keeping an eye on the trading markets as these bots are capable for doing everything on their own. These bots are fully automated and have many more benefits that can offer you:

Trading Bots Trade 24/7

If you choose to become part of the cryptocurrency trading industry with QuantBitex, you have its crypto-trading bots that are fully automated and perform all the trading activities on your behalf. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, one of the draw-backs when trading manually is that the crypto-markets are open 24/7.

This means that there is always something taking place in the cryptocurrency trading markets and being a human, it is impossible for you to be present for each execution or action in the markets. This is when trading through QuantBitex’s trading bots comes in handy. As the name suggests, these bots are machines and never sleep so they can take care of your trading needs 24/7.

These bots have the ability to monitor and observe the crypto-trading markets at all times and find the best position to trade on your behalf. Therefore, you will never find yourself out of profits and the money will keep flowing into your trading account.

Trading Bots Make Less Mistakes

No matter it is an expert mathematician or a scientist, there is always a possibility of one making an error. Because no matter the skill or designation, these individuals have one thing in common and that is that they are all humans. If it is a human collecting data, processing/analyzing it, and generating signals for considering, there is always an element of error.

Therefore, the QuantBitex’s crypto-trading bots have completely nullified this element by introducing automated trading. With QuantBitex’s trading bots trading on your behalf, you never have to worry about any miscalculations or errors being made while trading. These bots are fully capable of populating the data and running extensive calculations based on these figures to perform trades without making any errors or mistakes.

Trading Bots Trade with no Emotions Involved

Another element that affects the investors’ trading activities and decisions on a very high scale are emotions. Whenever an investor is performing a trade, they are bound to make decisions with emotions involved. This is the very reason people end up making decisions based on the sentiments and attachment to a certain crypto-asset.

Although these actions may go in an investor’s favor a few times, it would be unwise to think that the situation would always remain the same. This is the very reason why a person needs to make decisions without any sentiments and emotions. However, it is practically impossible for a person to do anything in life without emotions/sentiments and trades are no exception.

Again, the QuantBitex’s trading bots’ 24/7 automated trading makes things very easy for you. As the trading bots take care of your trades, they tend to make decisions based statistics, markets trends, volatilities, events, and many more factors. So each decision made by the bots is logical, tested, and executed keeping the interests of the investors in mind.

Trading Bots Extract Even the Least of Profits

If you are a part of any other typical cryptocurrency trading exchange, then it is you would have to perform all the analysis, keep eye on the markets/assets, and make all the business decisions based on your findings. Even if you pay full attention towards the trading markets, you may end up missing a great deal or position. This relates to the very ability of a human being to react to a situation and execute an action against.

Unfortunately, the crypto-trading markets are extremely volatile and the crypto-prices change in a matter of seconds. Therefore, your full attention is not sufficient and a solution to this problem is due. This is where QuantBitex’s trading bots come in to save the day as they have the ability to execute an action in split/second and ensure that they manage to extract the highest ad least of the profits from these positions.

Furthermore, these bots constantly monitor the markets and keep on running numerous scenarios to ensure that they come up with the best decision and are fully aware of when an asset would become bearish. Based on the tests and findings, these bots know when to enter a particular crypto-market and when to leave it.

All You Need to do is Invest

At QuantBitex, the most astonishing and surprising thing is that the only input required from you is that you need to open an account at QuantBitex and make a deposit. Then it is the job of the dedicated financial advisor (assigned to your account) who is responsible for making all the trading decisions on your behalf.

Once you invest your money at QuantBitex, all your financial decision making is done by the financial advisor while you continue to enjoy your life, sit back, and watch as the money flows into your account. The financial advisor dedicated to serve your trading needs is skilled and experienced in the crypto-trading sector. With the amount of experience and insights, all the decisions that the financial advisor makes are profiting and beneficial to your trading account.

Know-Your-Customer Policy Adherence

If you able get the chance to go through the content provided by the cryptocurrency exchanges on their websites, you would realize that they hardly ever mention anything about regulations. This is because majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges avoid adhering to the regulations and policies that are implemented on them by the regulatory authorities.

As cryptocurrency industry is mainly decentralized, therefore, it is extremely important for the regulatory authorities to keep a close eye on each user that uses the crypto-platform. In the recent years, the cryptocurrency trading platform has become a safe-haven for criminals, hackers, and many terrorist syndicates as the very nature of the crypto-industry is very essential for their activities.

This is the reason why, regulatory authorities require for the crypto-exchanges to strictly adhere to the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations. As per the KYC policy, the crypto-exchanges must gather the personal identification information (PII) of the investors before bringing them onboard. This is to ensure that the crypto-exchanges do not end up harboring any criminal or terrorist elements without having any knowledge of it.

Being a highly reputed crypto-exchange, QuantBitex ensures that it is fully compliant to the KYC policy and requires all its users to provide their PII before it can let them use its platform for crypto-trading and transaction purposes.

QuantBitex’s Variety of Trading Accounts

If you are to trade with QuantBitex, you will be surprised to see the options it provides you for trading through its platform. It lets you decide whether you would want to start from a basic trading level, standard, or want to trade big even from the very beginning:

Basic Level Trading

As the name suggests, the ‘Basic’ trading account offered by QuantBitex enables you to start from the very beginning and the basic level. The trading bots for this particular account, focus on trading markets that are least complex/difficult.

So if you wish to start from the start line, then you can make a deposit of a minimum €250, and receive 10% non-interest loan on the deposits. The leverage that you can avail through QuantBitex’s trading platform is 1:50 and 6% per annum as no-risk deposit account.

Silver Level Trading

This is the second-level of trading where the situations and markets become a bit tricky and complex to trade in. In order to gain access to the ‘Silver’ trading account, you need to make a deposit of minimum €2,500 and get ready for more profits and increase earnings.

As the amount of the minimum deposit increases for the silver trading account, so does the leverage which then gets increased to 1:100. The percentage on the non-interest loan for the deposits gets increased to 20% while the no-risk deposit account percentage rises to 7%.

Gold Level Trading

In the list of the trading accounts offered by QuanbitEX, the ‘Gold’ trading account comes at number three where the crypto-trading markets become tough and challenging for the trading bots. However, the profits and gains while trading through this account also grow in size and number.

Access to this particular account can be acquired by making a deposit of minimum €25,000 and grants you 30% non-interest loan for the deposits. Similar to the deposit requirement, the leverage you gain from this particular trading account rises to 1:200.

In addition to the above, you receive a complete money management program, gain access to VIP Memberships program. You become eligible for daily one-on-one education sessions, weekly webinars, daily market reviews, and price alerts. You become eligible to receive free NFP trading signals, daily analysis reports, event trading, and direct line for the account manager.

Platinum Level Trading

This is the top tier crypto-trading account offered by QuantBitex where the trading bots get to face the most difficult and complex crypto-trading markets and environment. These are the crypto-trading markets where the crypto-trading bots are put to test. However, the amount of profits and gains through QuantBitex’s ‘Platinum’ trading account grow to the highest level.

So if you are interested in doing/earning from the trades at the top level, then you can gain access to the platinum trading account by making a deposit of minimum €100,000. Once the deposit has been made, you gain full access to the services and benefits that are offered by QuantBitex.

Some of the major benefits you get to avail are 1:400 leverage on trading, 40% non-interest loans against the deposits made. You receive daily market news/reviews, price alerts, money management programs, VIP Membership programs, and one-on-one educational coaching sessions. You are eligible to receive free NFP trading signals, events analysis, and direct line to your account manager.

QuantBitex Makes Deposits and Withdrawals Very Easy

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, QuantBitex knows how important it is to ensure that the investors are always satisfied and happy about the services they are provided. Most importantly, QuantBitex knows how sensitive the matter becomes when there is money involved. This is the reason why QuantBitex has tried its best to make sure it provides you with the best deposit and withdrawal solutions possible:

Deposits to QuantBitex

When it comes to making deposits to QuantBitex, it is very important that the investors feel completely safe and easy while making the transactions. Many times, investors tend to leave a trading platform just because it offers some very uncommon and untrustworthy platforms to make the deposits.

However, QuantBitex has made the deposit process very easy and simple for you as it offers some of the most common and highly trust mode of payments. The mediums that you can choose to make deposits are Maestro, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin (BTC), and Visa/MasterCard.

When it comes to making the deposit, the minimum deposit amount that you are required to make is of €250 to start your trading journey with QuantBitex.

Withdrawals from QuantBitex

When it comes to withdrawals, QuantBitex makes things even simpler and comprehensible for the investors to follow. At present, QuantBitex offers you to make the withdrawal only in your bank account so there are no confusions or ambiguities when it comes to withdrawals.

However, QuantBitex does make sure that the withdrawal request being triggered is from the correct account and does not contain any fraudulent elements. Once the investigation has been conducted, the money is then transferred to the bank account that is provided by the investor for withdrawal purposes.

QuantBitex’s Extreme Security Measures

QuantBitex is well-aware of the fact that there are no compromises when it comes to the security and safety of the investors’ as well as the firms’ assets and sensitive information. This is why QuanbitEX has developed a security system that is based on some of the most advanced SSL security protocols.

Based on the SSL system, the transactions and the information sharing taking place between you and QuantBitex is encrypted so it cannot be accessed or read by any third party or a cyber-hacker. The security system at QuanbitEX is of industrial level that makes it almost impossible to be breached or broken into by cyber-attackers.

24/7 Email Support by QuantBitex

As far as the customer support is concerned, it is true that QuantBitex neither offers phone nor live-chat support. However, the email support that QuantBitex offers can compete with the phone support as well as the live-chat supports of other exchanges at any given time.

To ensure that you get the most reasonable, authentic, satisfactory, empathetic, and efficient response, QuantBitex has put together a team of highly professional individuals. These individuals have had the chance to be a part of the customer satisfaction sector for many years and QuantBitex has provided them the opportunity to take their support standards to the highest level.

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