Raids on Cannabis Sites in UK Leads to Illegal Bitcoin Mining Centers

West Midlands County’s industrial zone was raided by local police in the UK for searching cannabis sites in the area. Although, the raid could not find any cannabis sites, yet the raid led the police to illegal Bitcoin mining centers. The mining center was established illegally and was illegally utilizing the electricity meant for consumers.

It was a shocker for the local police in West Midland which was looking to raid the sites of cannabis farms. However, to their utter shock, they could not find any farm but instead found an illegal Bitcoin mining facility by mistake. According to the reports, police were in the knowledge that there was some illegal cannabis farming going on in the area. For this purpose, the police department obtained an order of raid and arrest and went on to the site which was located in the industrial zone.

The police stated that they had the information that unknown persons were often visiting the industrial area at different times. With them, they took ventilation ducts and rolls of wires several times. Drone technology was also used by the police to determine whether there was any heat source. The drone accordingly picked the heat source, according to the police. The police said that this was a classic case that reflects activities of cannabis farming.

However, when police reached the site, they found a full-fledge running with full capacity a Bitcoin mining farm. There were S9 machines in 100 numbers that were are functioning at the time of the raid, told the police. When the police inquired from the locals, they were told that they have seen people coming in and out of the facility. They usually work day and night in shifts, said the locals. The police then contacted the local grid station and inquired about the mining center. The grid staff apprised the police that they were not aware of any such mining activity.

The police later found that the mining facility was in fact stealing the electricity from the main grid which was meant for industrial use.

It was told by the police department’s head that the facility and all the equipment therein have been taken into police custody. He said that the installations at the site have been taken into custody under the Proceeds of Crime Act. However, no person has been detained by the police who was involved with the Bitcoin mining facility. But the police have said that they will further investigate the matter and, if necessary, a case will be registered. Currently, the police are trying to establish contact with the person who is the actual owner of the facility.

The incidents of stealing electricity for the purposes of crypto mining are becoming rampant in various countries. Such is the situation in Iran as well, however, the Iranian Government has recently permanently banned crypto mining for the time being.

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