Reports of Customer Data Leak Denied by Paxful

According to sources, any online website was recently spotted being involved in illegal activities. It has been revealed that the website’s identity is still unknown and the owner/moderator of the site is also anonymous.

It has been revealed that the site was making an attempt to sell the employee and private customer data. The sources have claimed that the data the website tried selling was acquired through Paxful, which is a cryptocurrency exchange.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency exchange, Paxful has completely denied these allegations. The exchange has claimed that none of the employee as well as the private customer data was jeopardized.

The spokesperson from Paxful stated that the users at the exchange should not worry at all as none of their data is unprotected. Their personal and official information is completely intact and no one has been able to gain access to this information.

The spokesperson also data that their security systems are fully intact and are capable enough to protect the system against any external breaching attempts.

The information around the protection of the data for the users and employees was communicated by Paxful through a statement on Friday, April 9, 2021.

The firm has revealed that the information that the website is trying to sell is not acquired directly from Paxful. The information has been provided to the person or the team by a third-party company that had access to Paxful users’ information.

The firm clarified that this particular firm was a third party supplier for Paxful and that is why it had access to their database. The database at Paxful contained the personal data of the users as well as the employees, and the firm had accessed to it.

This is how the information ended up in the hands of the person who is now trying to sell it to hackers through the website. Paxful has also clarified that it is not even in contract with the particular third-party provider.

It was back in September 2020 when Paxful had cancelled/terminated its contract with the relevant provider. The firm has stated that the teams at Paxful are doing whatever they can in order to protect their customers as well as their employees.

They are also taking the necessary measures in order to not let any incident take place with any of the employees or customers.

The issue was reported back on Friday, April 9, 2021 when an anonymous person had shared a message on a Telegram channel. According to sources, the person had made the announcement in Russian language.

The message that he had shared on the Telegram Channel was titled “Information Leaks”. The message stated that the personal and financial data of the users from Paxful has been scraped and is available for sale.

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